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Wilkerson Instruments DR9011 Wireless Signal Transmitter
Wireless point-to-point RF transmitter accepts both analog and switch contact inputs
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Red Lion IFMA Series Frequency to Analog Converter
DIN-rail frequency to analog converter with on-line range setting
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Red Lion IAMS Signal Conditioning Module
Universal input, process, mA DC, VDC TC, 100 (RTD), potentiometer, and linear resistance
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Red Lion AFCM Converter Module
Voltage/current to frequency converter, 3-way isolation of input/outputs signals
Red Lion IAMA Signal Conditioner
Isolates and converts over 100 combinations of analog signal ranges
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Monarch F2A3X Signal Converter
DIN-rail mounted signal converter turns frequency input signal into voltage or current output
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Red Lion IFMR Speed Switch
On-line trip frequency setting using actual input signal or frequency generator
KEP AMP-1 Signal Conditioners
Preamp & Signal Conditioner for Magnetic Pickups, Ultra Low Speed to 15 kHz Operation
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KEP AMP-2 Dual Preamp & Signal Conditioner
Dual Input, Ultra Low Speed to 4 kHz Operation
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Red Lion AAMA3535 Universal Signal Conditioner Module
Isolate and convert over 100 combinations of analog signal ranges
Wilkerson Instruments DR1920 Duplex Lift Station Back-Up Pump Controller
For monitoring a backup level alarm in a tank and starting up to two pumps when a high alarm switch closes
Wilkerson Instruments DR9021 Wireless Point-to-Point Receiver
Receives signals from the Wilkerson Instruments DR9011 transmitter and reconstructs analog and switch signals
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Wilkerson Instruments DR9051R Wireless Signal Transmitter
Polling RF transmitter for data monitoring in areas where distance or obstructions inhibit the transmission path
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Red Lion ITMA2003 Thermocouple Module
Intelligent thermocouple module that converts TC or millivolt input into 4 to 20mA output
Red Lion IRMA3035 RTD Module
Intelligent RTD module with analog output, user programmable input
KEP AMP-1-N Signal Conditioner
Preamplifier & Signal Conditioners For NAMUR Sensors
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KEP SC-FF Series Signal Conditioner
Frequency to frequency, Pulse Scaler with Isolation
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Inor SR335 Alarm Unit
Pt100 Input and Double Relay Outputs
Inor SR560 Dual-Channel Alarm Unit
Two fully independent isolated channels
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Inor SR360 Alarm Unit
Current and Voltage Input and Double Relay Outputs
Red Lion ITMA3035 Thermocouple Module
Intelligent thermocouple module with analog output, 3-way electrical isolation
Wilkerson Instruments DR9050 Wireless Master Control Unit
RF transmitter/receiver that is used to poll data from companion DR9051R wireless signal transmitters
Setra CTC Series Current Transducers
Clamped split core design, slide switch for selectable amperage ranges of 30, 60, 120A
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KEP SC-II Series Signal Conditioner
Current to Current, Loop powered isolator
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KEP SC-FI Signal Conditioner
Frequency to Current, Magnetic Pickup or Contact Closure Input
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Red Lion ITMS4037 Temperature to MODBUS Conditioner
Intelligent Temperature to modbus conditioner with alarms
Red Lion IRMA2003 RTD Module
Intelligent RTD module with analog input , microprocessor controlled
KEP SC-IF Signal Conditioner
Current to Frequency, loop powered isolator
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Inor SR535 Alarm Unit
Direct Pt100 input, 4-20 mA output
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Autonics CN-6000 Signal Converter
Isolated signal converter with 3-color changeable LCD display
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