• Universal isolated inputs means zero crosstalk
  • 4 digital inputs and an RS485 Modbus/RTU port
  • <±0.1% FSO accuracy & 16 bit resolution
  • Low voltage power supply (10 to 32VDC)
  • Ethernet port that can be selected as Modbus TCP
  • Optional WiFi connectivity
  • Requires a USB Bridge Key in order to program
  • CE approved & 5-year guarantee


The Define Instruments Zen RTU Mini is ideal for applications requiring that multiple signal types be routed directly to a master console for connecting to SCADA systems and PLCs. It's small size allows the unit to fit into tight enclosures and saves DIN rail space.

Each channel is EMC hardened and isolated from each other, which means that inputs from various sources can be connected without fear of creating unwanted and troublesome ground loops. The inputs are universal so you can reduce the number of separate instruments you need for your application. It accepts a variety of inputs including: TC, RTD, mA, mV, V, potentiometer, frequency, and counter.

A free download of the WorkBench configuration software is designed to assist you with configuring the unit, and provides a range of easy-to-use presets and flexible controls. The intuitive help panel follows you during setup and updates automatically with relevant tips, wiring diagrams, and application examples.


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