• SC-200
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  • Excitation voltage:
    • 3.0Vrms (nominal) push-pull drive
    • 4.5Vrms (nominal) push-pull drive
    • 1.5Vrms (nominal) single-ended drive
  • 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10kHz (nominal) excitation frequencies
  • Master output controls up to fifteen units
  • 50 to 5000mVrms LVDT output range
  • 8 analog DC outputs
  • 850Ohms loop resistance max with 24V DC supply
  • ≤±0.025% output non-linearity
  • Diagnostic features:
    • Shorted, disconnected, or open primary
    • Shorted, grounded, disconnected, or open secondaries
    • Output voltage shorts or current loop opens
    • Errors during installation and setup


The Alliance Sensors Group SC-200 LVDT transmitter is a DIN-rail-mounted signal conditioner for industrial measuring systems, testing laboratories, and factory automation. The SC-200 has a push button interface for fast and easy calibration of the Full Scale and Zero Outputs as well as color-coded screw terminal plugs for quick installation. It also features differential input to minimize ground-loop noise.

The SC-200 is designed to work with a very wide range of LVDT, RVDT, and inductive half-bridge (LVRT) sensors by providing four excitation frequencies that operate most AC-LVDTs over a 50 to 5000mVrms range of sensor output. SC-200 modules offer 8 analog outputs and a half-duplex RS-485 digital communications port for remote setup and for saving a module's setup parameters to hot-swap them with another module.


  • OEM Measurement Systems
  • Steel/Aluminum/Paper Mills
  • Test and Measurement
  • Factory Automation