Edgetech Instruments provide moisture, humidity, and oxygen instrumentation that are reliable and accurate. Edgetech manufacturers standard products that measure dew point, oxygen, humidity, and relative humidity (RH) as well as custom humidity instrumentation. read more

Edgetech is known for manufacturing highly reliable products that perform in extreme conditions.

Edgetech operates independently from three facilities in Massachussetts and Florida.

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Edgetech RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator
Portable, NIST traceable chilled mirror calibration chamber for relative humidity, temperature, and dew point
Edgetech DewTrak II Dew Point & Humidity Transmitter
Optical chilled mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases
Edgetech DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer
Measures dew point, absolute pressure, PPMv and other psychrometric variables
Edgetech 1500 Portable Dew Point Monitor
Self-contained monitoring system includes everything needed for fast accurate dew point measurements
Edgetech SENTRY Compressed Air Monitor
Constantly monitors pressure and dew/frost point temperature, detects upset conditions in compressed air systems
Edgetech Com.Air Dew Point Monitor
Continuous and virtually maintenance free dew point monitoring
Edgetech PDM75-X3 Hygrometer
Portable, Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, drift free, NIST traceable standards, chemically resistant
EdgeTech PPM1 Trace Moisture Analyzer
Ideal for use in relatively clean, dry, inert gas applications
Edgetech 200M DewTrak Meteorological Humidity System
Ideally suited for installations requiring continuous, automatic and unattended measurement of humidity over a range
Edgetech DPM-99 Medical Air Dew Point Hygrometer
Exceeds the continuous dew point monitoring and alarm requirements of NFPA 99 for medical air service
Edgetech DPS Series Dew Point Hygrometer
Heated dew point system in water & dust tight NEMA 4 enclosure for dew points up to 203°F
Edgetech DewTrak II-MO Hygrometer
Water Vapor & Barometric Pressure Measurement for Motor Octane Testing
Edgetech S-Type Remote Mounting Kit
Remote mounting kit for the Edgetech DewMaster
Edgetech D-Type Remote Mounting Kit
Remote mounting kit for the Edgetech DewMaster
Edgetech HPFIL Spare Filter
Spare Filter for the HPP125 probe, 100 micron
Edgetech HPP125 Spare Probe
Spare Probe, 316 SS Probe body including the 4point sensor tip, filter cap, and NPT fitting
Edgetech Filter Kit
Fittings and additional elements, rated for 0.1 micron particulate
Edgetech FSS Pipe Flange Mount
SS or dark gray PVC pipe options
Edgetech HPP-TIP Spare Smart Sensor Tip
Spare smart sensor tip, includes NIST Traceable Certificate
Edgetech HP125 Humidity Probe
RH, temperature, and calculated dew point with optional pressure or barometric pressure parameters
Edgetech Trace Moisture Sensor
Sensor, complete with sample chamber, for the Edgetech PPM1 trace moisture analyzer
Edgetech CAM Compressed Air Module
Extracts gas sample & provides isolation of the probe from the process
Edgetech DC Desiccant Canister
Spare desiccant canister filled with DrieRite
Edgetech BBC Blank Chamber Cover
Blank Chamber Cover, for use with Data Loggers or other completely immersed
Edgetech DPC D-Probe Chamber Cover
Edgetech Instruments D-probe, chamber cover, insulated
Edgetech RSCBL Serial Cable
RS-232 Single Ended Serial Cable for Programming with manual
Edgetech DrieRite Jar
DrieRite, 1lb or 5lb sizes available
Edgetech USB Serial Converter
Converts Serial output to USB, comes with software disk
Edgetech CCA Humidity Probe
Standard Humidity Probe, Chamber cover, insulated
Edgetech 1690 Plastic Shipping Case
Rugged foam lined transportation case
Edgetech NPT Probe Penetration Fitting
Choice of 3/4 or 1 inch male
Edgetech Humidity Generator Seal
Replacement Humidity Generator Seals (3), Red, seals the SS tube during transportation
Edgetech SR Spare Seals
Spare Seals for probe access ports
Edgetech SENTRY Signal Cable
2m, 5M or 20m signal cable lengths available, replaces the 1 meter cable
Edgetech WMC Wall Mount Chamber Cover
Wall Mount Humidity Transmitter Chamber Cover, insulated
Edgetech SERIALDAQ Serial Output
Captures serial output (TXT) into USB memory Stik (can be captured into EXCEL)
Edgetech Panel Mounting Kit
Panel mounting kit for the Edgetech DewMaster unit
Edgetech Rack Mounting Kit
Rack mounting kit for the Edgetech DewMaster unit