Edgetech SENTRY Compressed Air Monitor
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  • Detects upset conditions in compressed air systems
  • Compressed Air Monitoring and Alarm System
  • Turn key measurement
  • Strobe lamp and pulsing audible alarms
  • Measuring ranges:
    • Std dew/frost point: -40 to 203°F (-40 to 95°C)
    • Low dew/frost point: -76 to 203°F (-60 to 95°C)
    • Pressure: up to 400 psia (0 to 27.6 bar)
  • Accuracy:
    • Dew/Frost Point: ±1°C or ±2°C
    • Pressure: At 25°C, ±1 mbar from 600 to 1200
    • mbar; over -40°C to +125°C range, ±5 mbar
  • IP65 water resistant/dust tight enclosure

The Edgetech SENTRY Compressed Air Monitor features a smart multi-sense probe that continuously monitors the dew/frost point and pressure of compressed air systems to detect compressor or dryer failures and system pressure leaks. The SENTRY features a strobe lamp and pulsing horn plus an alarm relay contact that activate when a programmable, low pressure or high dew/frost point alarm trip point is detected. Either condition triggers the alarms. It also has a local display of the measured pressure and dew/frost point of the compressed air system plus 4 to 20 mA analog outputs, one each for measured pressure and dew/frost point at atmospheric pressure. The SENTRY is a complete system, ready for out-of-the-box installation.

Applications for the SENTRY include:

  • Compressed air headers
  • Point of use compressed air
  • Dry air systems for critical process
  • Monitoring fluidized bed dryers
  • Monitoring instrument air systems
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Laboratories and clean rooms
  • Sensitive product storage
  • Monitoring purge delivery systems

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

Edgetech HP125 Humidity Probe
RH, temperature, and calculated dew point with optional pressure or barometric pressure parameters


Please consider these optional accessories.

Edgetech HPP125 Spare Probe
Spare Probe, 316 SS Probe body including the 4point sensor tip, filter cap, and NPT fitting
Edgetech HPP-TIP Spare Smart Sensor Tip
Spare smart sensor tip, includes NIST Traceable Certificate
Edgetech HPFIL Spare Filter
Spare Filter for the HPP125 probe, 100 micron
Edgetech CAM Compressed Air Module
Extracts gas sample & provides isolation of the probe from the process
Edgetech NPT Probe Penetration Fitting
Choice of 3/4 or 1 inch male
Edgetech FSS Pipe Flange Mount
SS or dark gray PVC pipe options
Edgetech RSCBL Serial Cable
RS-232 Single Ended Serial Cable for Programming with manual
Edgetech USB Serial Converter
Converts Serial output to USB, comes with software disk
Edgetech SERIALDAQ Serial Output
Captures serial output (TXT) into USB memory Stik (can be captured into EXCEL)
Edgetech SENTRY Signal Cable
2m, 5M or 20m signal cable lengths available, replaces the 1 meter cable