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  • Dew Point (standard) -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
    • 2-stage cooling (TEC)
  • Air Temp (optional) -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
  • 1 to 95% RH (optional)
  • ±0.2°C accuracy (for both Dew Point and Temperature)
    • Negligible hysteresis
  • ±0.09°F (±0.05°C) repeatability
  • Response time of 1°C/sec (not including settling time)
  • Flow rate of static to 3,000 linear ft/min
  • 2 selectable analog ouputs
    • 4 to 20mA, load of 0 to 250Ω
    • 0 to 5 or 10VDC, load 1KΩ or higher
  • 2 programmable alarm relay outputs
    • K1: Clean mirror / Alarm 1
    • K2: Servolock / Alarm 2
    • Normally Open (NO) 3A at 25VAC or 30VDC


The Edgetech DewTrak II dew point and humidity transmitter is an optical chilled mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. Multiple mount options for this Edgetech transmitter include wall, duct, pipe or remote mounting. You can also choose between a plastic (IP65) or an aluminum enclosure.

The Edgetech DewTrak II, powered by 24 VDC, uses the chilled mirror dew point temperature condensation principle to determine the water vapor concentration in gas mixtures, and a platinum resistance thermometer to accurately measure that temperature. With an accuracy of ±0.2°C for dew point and temperature, the Edgetech DewTrak II dew point and humidity transmitter also offers a ±0.05°C repeatability and negligible hysteresis.

Two analog outputs are available, 4-20 mA and 0-5 VDC to 0-10 VDC (selectable), on the Edgetech DewTrak II. Other features include RS232, bi-directional and serial outputs, a static flow rate to 3,000 linear ft/min, and a response of 1°C/sec not including settling time.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Measuring Dew Point in Compressed Air

The Background: Our customer manufactures contact lenses and seeks a highly accurate means of measuring the dew point in compressed air.

The Problem: One method of making contact lens is by shaping them with a precision lathe. The shavings are then cleared from the lens with a blast of compressed air. Moisture in the compressed air can adversely affect the manufacturing process. The customer needs a means to measure the dew point of the air in pressures up to 130 psi, above ran range of most dew point meters. They also want a transmitter with a remote probe in-line, display, as well as a strobe with buzzer for high alarm setpoint. In addition, they needed a product with ISO17025 calibration certificate.

The Solution: We recommended the Edgetech Instruments DewTrak II dew point and humidity transmitter. The DewTrak II is a chilled mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. The instrument offers very high accuracy, the ability to clean the mirror and includes an ISO17025 calibration option. We were able to customize the hygrometer for high pressure and included a strobe and buzzer for alarm indication.