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  • Dew/Frost Point and RH Ranges at 25°C
    • -40 to 95°C (-40 to 203°F) (S2 & DS2)
    • -60 to 95°C (-76 to 203°F) on air (S3)
    • -75 to 95°C (-103 to 203°F) on liquid (S3)
    • 0 to 100%RH
    • 0 to 999,999 PPMv
  • Accuracy
    • ± 0.2°C (0.36°F) Dew/Frost Point
    • ± 0.5% of Full Scale Pressure
  • Depression
    • 65°C (117°F) (S2 & DS2)
    • 95°C (171°F) (S3)
  • Depression Slew Rate
    • 1.7°C (3°F)/Second Maximum, above 0°C
  • Remote Sensors
    • Up to 75 meters (250 feet)
  • Resolution
    • 0.1°C or °F
    • 0.01 psia
    • 0.1 PPMv < 1000 PPMv
    • 1 PPMv > 1000 PPMv
  • Air Temperature Sensor Range
    • -100 to 250°C (-148 to 482°F) ATDM
  • Accuracy ± 0.1°C


The Edgetech DewMaster chilled mirror dew point hygrometer is capable of measuring dew point, absolute pressure, PPMv and other psychometric variables. Available with single, dual, and three stage chilled mirrors the Edgetech DewMaster allows a 45, 65, and 90°C depression respectively and a temperature range up to -75 to 100°C. Automatic balance control (ABC) automatically corrects for most mirror contaminants and re-standardizes the instrument.

Other features of the Edgetech DewMaster include serial and analog inputs and RS232 communications. A dual alarm capability that is user programmable and can be set for latching or auto-reset mode. The RS232 communication on the Edgetech DewMaster allows for remote programming and data output such as dew point and alarm status.

Explosion proof sensor housing is available as an option for the Edgetech DewMaster dew point hygrometer. A pressure transducer input is included on the unit for psychrometric variables.