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  • Range
    • Dew Point: -50 to 50ºC
    • Ambient Temperature: -50 to 50ºC
    • %-Relative Humidity: Approximately 1% to 95%
  • Accuracy
    • Dew Point and AT: ±0.25ºC
    • %-Relative Humidity: ±1.0 to 1.5%
  • 65º Dew Point Depression
  • Temperature Sensors: PRT (Platinum Resistance Thermometer), 100 ohms at 0ºC
  • Outputs
    • 0-5 VDC or 4-20mA over span (DP)
    • TTL compatible clean mirror signal


The Edgetech 200M DewTrak meteorological humidity system consists of a thermally shielded enclosure for the dew point and ambient temperature sensors, a microprocessor-based electronic control unit and 25 feet of interconnecting cable. The Edgetech 200M is a complete instrument for the measurement of atmospheric dew point, ambient temperature, %-relative humidity and other psychometric variables.

Utilizing a very reliable optical chilled mirror sensing technology, Edgetech 200M DewTrak meteorological humidity systems provide a primary measurement of dew point and is NIST traceable. The Edgetech 200M is ideally suited for installations requiring continuous, automatic and unattended measurement of humidity over a very wide range. Automatic Balance Control (ABC) cycle corrects the light reducing effects of mirror contaminants and allows for continuous monitoring and virtually maintenance-free operation.

The Edgetech 200M measures dew point in °C or °F and is available with a two stage dew point sensor. The Edgetech 200M reduces the need for cleaning by the incorporation of self-diagnostics which indicates when, and if, maintenance is required.