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Ametek CTC Series Compact Temperature Calibrators
Dry-block calibration offering interchangeable inserts, MVI stability circuitry and calibration software
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Ametek ETC Series Temperature Calibrators
Small, lightweight temperature calibrator with dry block or infrared target capabilities
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Ametek HydraLite Hydraulic Deadweight Tester / Gauge
Easy-to-use primary standard for pressures to 3000 psi
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Ametek RTC-156 & RTC-157 Reference Temperature Calibrators
Dual-zone heating technology and dynamic load compensation for superior temperature homogeneity
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Ametek Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester
Hydraulic deadweight testers with ranges to 15,000 psi and multiple configurations
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Ametek T-620 / T-620H Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Small, lightweight and portable hydraulic pressure pump with transparent reservoir to easily view the test liquid
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Ametek RTC-700 Reference Temperature Calibrator
Triple-zone heating technology provides precise temperature calibration of any type temperature sensor
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Ametek MTC Series Marine Temperature Calibrators
Portable temperature calibrators designed specifically for marine applications
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Ametek PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Safe, easy-to-use pneumatic deadweight tester for pressure calibrations up to 30 psi
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Ametek RTC-158 & RTC-250 Reference Temperature Calibrators
Combines dry block and liquid bath technology to calibrate oddly sized and shaped sensors or multiple sensors at once
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Ametek HPC500 Pressure Calibrator
Deadweight tester accuracy in a modern digital package with a host of user friendly capabilities
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Ametek HPC600 Pressure Calibrator
Handheld pressure calibrator with true multifunction capabilities and a built-in electrical pump system
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Ametek ITC 155/320/650 Industrial Temperature Calibrators
Mid-range dry-block calibrators with features of the high-end ATC series and functionality of CTC series
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Ametek T-960 / T-970 Pneumatic Pressure Pumps
Pneumatic pressure pump features an extended range vernier adjustment for precisely controlling pump pressure
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Ametek Type T Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Oil or a water / alcohol mixture as the pressure medium, dual pressure output manifold
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Ametek DTI-050 Digital Temperature Indicator
Handheld, fully traceable reference thermometer for accurate temperature verification
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Ametek DTI-1000 Digital Temperature Indicator
Fully traceable reference thermometer for true temperature verification of temperature calibrators
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Ametek T-965 / T-975 Pneumatic Pressure Pump
Pneumatic pressure pump features both vacuum and pressure generation with easy switch from vacuum to pressure
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Ametek PTC Series Temperature Calibrators
Accurate, dual-zone heating technology, color VGA display
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Ametek RK Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Easy-to-use pneumatic deadweight tester for pressure calibrations in the lab or in the field up to 300 psi
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Ametek MGC Series Marine Gauge Calibrators
Flexible calibration system designed specifically to test pressure gauges and indicators in marine applications
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Ametek RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator
Measuring temp range: -148 to 311°F (-100 to 155°C), dual-zone technology, DLC and reference sensor options
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Ametek HK Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Self-regulating primary pressure standard for calibrating pressure instruments up to 1500 psi
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Ametek AMC910 Multi Purpose Calibrator
High precision signal, temperature, pressure calibrators w/ isolated measurement channel
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Ametek 65-P016 / 65-P017 Hydraulic Pressure Screw Pump
Designed for easy and controlled generation of high pressure, 4-output manifold
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Ametek ASC-400 Signal Calibrator
Highly functional, portable calibrator provides the functionality and accuracy of a laboratory calibration system, but fits into a tool box
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Ametek HPC400 Pressure Calibrator
True field instrument designed for easy and reliable check and calibration of pressure
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Ametek 65-P014 Hydraulic Jack Pump
Designed for high pressure oil applications, light weight make it a sensible, rugged, and portable solution
Ametek HPC550Ex / HPC 552Ex Pressure Calibrator
Intrinsically safe, handheld pressure calibrator, 25 mbar to 700 bar (0.35 to 10,000 psi)
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Ametek ASM Series Signal Multi Scanner
Design your own calibration procedures, calibrate 24 temperature sensors
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Ametek APM CPF Series Pressure Module
Functional and flexible pressure modules designed to perform pressure calibrations with a multifunction signal calibrator
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Ametek CSC201 Signal Calibrator
Compact temperature signal calibrator, calibrate or measure thermocouples, RTD's, ohms, mV and customized RTD curves
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Ametek mAcal milliAmp Calibrator
Allows for calibration of transmitters in a 2-wire loop, internal 24 VDC
Ametek CSC101 Signal Calibrator
Compact mA loop signal calibrator, ideal for both field and workshop use, convenient tool for a process engineer
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Ametek 75P014 Service Kit
Service kit for T-960 pump
Ametek STS Series Temperature Sensors
Stable, high accuracy temperature probes for Ametek DTI-1000 and DTI-050 temperature indicators
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Ametek Inserts for ATC, CTC and ITC Dry Block Calibrators
Assorted inserts for use with ATC, CTC and ITC dry-block calibrators
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Ametek Pt100 Probe
Pt100 Probe with 4 pol LEMO
Ametek DLC Series Temperature Sensor
The DLC system gives significant improvement in the calibration accuracy
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Ametek ETC-125A Temperature Calibrator Inserts
Assorted inserts for use with the ETC-125A temperature calibrator
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Ametek Thermocouple Plug
Thermocouple plugs for Ametek dry block calibrators
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Ametek RTC-156 & RTC-157 Temperature Calibrator Inserts
Assorted inserts for use with RTC-156 and RTC-157 dry-block calibrators
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Ametek AM-T-810 Hand Pump
Accessory hand pump for the Ametek EPM Series
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Ametek 75P016 Service Kit
Service kit for T-970 pump
Ametek Fitting 1/8" BSP male to 1/4" NPT male
Fitting 1/8" BSP male to 1/4" NPT male
Ametek Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable batteries for Ametek calibrators
Ametek Carrying Case
Carrying case for Ametek RTC Series reference temperature calibrators with trolley
Ametek Cable with LEMO and Banana Connectors
Cable 2m (6.6ft) with LEMO / Banana connectors
Ametek MGC Reference Gauges
Precision pressure gauges for use with Ametek MGC series marine gauge calibrators
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Ametek Pt100 Probe
Pt100 probe with 4 banana plugs for CSC/ASC Models
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