• Graphical user interface (GUI) provides automatic configuration
  • Easy configuration
  • Experimental set-up reloads
  • Data charting and logging to CSV and SQL databases
  • Run multiple instances of FlowVision 2.0 simultaneously and on different monitors
  • Dark mode

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The Alicat Scientific FlowVision 2.0 Software is free software program with a graphical user interface that provides automatic configuration, session saving for easy configuration and experiment setup reloads, data capturing and logging (including a graphing tool), simple and advanced script building for automating meter and control command sequences, software alarms and support for multiple devices.

FlowVision 2.0 also provides easy access to the gas calibration selector, address assignment to individual devices and PID loop tuning. PID loop adjustments can be used with our controllers to adjust the algorithms for speed of response and to accommodate conditions unique to your application.