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  • Gauge, absolute or differential pressures
    • Up to 3,000psi
  • Accurate to 0.25% of full scale
  • Repeatable to 0.08% of full scale
  • Fully functional digital display with push-button control
  • No warm up time
  • Viton seals with other options available
  • Standard barrel type power connector
  • RS-232 multi-drop digital input/output
  • Optional RS-485 digital output ProfiBUS
  • Multiple display options
  • Choice of analog input/output
    • 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 1-5Vdc, or 4-20mA
  • 200:1 turndown ratio
    • Allows gauge to measure 1/200th of its full scale
  • User tunable PID algorithm
  • Setpoint control and loop tuning via display
  • Able to operate with flow rates as high as 2500SLPM
  • Compatible with a variety of gases and liquids
  • NPT process connections
  • CSA or ATEX certifications available
  • Lifetime warranty


The Alicat Scientific PC and PCR series pressure controllers provide precise control of absolute or gauge pressure of process gases and liquids. Utilizing the same valves used in Alicat's mass flow controller line results in fast and accurate pressure control. With a fully functional digital display and a host of other standard features, Alicat's PC and PCR series line of pressure controllers are a feature rich solution for applications requiring precise pressure control.

The Alicat PC and PCR series is available in gauge and absolute ranges to 3,000 psi as well as differential ranges to 100 psi. Using a modified PID closed loop control and a proportional control on each valve results in a total full scale accuracy of ± 0.25% across all ranges, making the PC and PCR series much more precise than standard manual regulator pressure controllers. The PCR series includes a Rolamite low-pressure drop valve for high flow applications. With a 50ms response time, the Alicat PC and PCR series pressure controllers are ideal for a variety of applications in which precise and stable pressure control are a requirement.

The Alicat Scientific PC and PCR series pressure controllers are available with a variety of digital and analog input and output options allowing users to tailor the pressure controller to their application. Rugged and dependable, PC and PCR series controllers require very low power to operate and when used properly require minimal maintenance.




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