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  • 19.2 to 30V input voltage (DC)
  • Minimum 25V output voltage (DC)
  • One channel
  • 0 to 350mA design current
  • 385mA current limit
  • -40 to 149°F (–40 to 65°C) operating temperature
  • IP20 to BS EN 60529


The MTL FPS range redundant fieldbus power supplies provide redundant power conditioning for fieldbus network segments and facilitate the connection of redundant bulk DC supplies. The system is fully ‘hot-swappable', meaning that individual power conditioning modules and input power supplies can be replaced without interrupting power or communication on the fieldbus segment. An alarm circuit provides a warning in case of a power conditioning module or input power supply failure. The system is designed so that power for several fieldbus segments can be provided from a single cabinet with minimal wiring.

One fieldbus segment terminator is built into each power system. Each FPS includes two plug-in power modules. These modules function as power conditioners, providing impedance between the input DC power supply and the fieldbus. This impedance is necessary to prevent the input DC power supply from degrading the digital fieldbus signal.

Each power module provides galvanic isolation of 250V AC between the fieldbus segment and the input power supplies. Each FPS-I supplies 350mA at 25V DC to the fieldbus segment. This output is maintained even if only one power module is installed. This level of output power allows for construction of very long fieldbus segments with a large number of bus-powered transmitters. Each FPS provides both power conditioning and input power supply redundancy to each fieldbus segment.