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  • Electrochemically polished 316 stainless steel
  • Silicone gasket
  • One or two DIN rails, depending on selection
  • DIN rail to EN 50022 35 x 7.5 ‘T’ section, mounted vertically
  • Each rail fitted with two end stops
  • Breather plug
  • M10 threaded stud external earth connection
  • -40 to 158°F (–40 to 70°C) operating temperature
  • IP66 to EN 60529
  • 7 Nm to IEC 60079-7 impact resistance
  • Zone 2 or Zone 1, IIC T4


The MTL process junction boxes are designed for mounting Megablock fieldbus wiring components, terminators, the F30 Ex ic adapter, 9320 spur connections, surge protection devices and MTL831 Multiplexer transmitters. Process junction boxes make it easy to install and maintain fieldbus systems. MTL's standard, proven fieldbus junction box designs eliminate the need for and additional cost of custom designs for fieldbus applications.

MTL process junction box enclosures are manufactured from polished 316 stainless steel to provide the highest level of corrosion protection in harsh process environments, and are suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 1 intrinsically safe (Ex i) and increased safety applications.

Glands are ready-fitted to the junction box, and are available in stainless steel, nickel-plated brass and plastic, enabling a high quality seal with standard or wire-armored cables. All glanding is in the base of the enclosure with a minimum of 75 mm of clearance between the base of the enclosure and other components. This makes glanding much easier, especially when terminating armored cable.

The junction boxes are available pre-drilled for one segment with trunk-in, trunk-out and 4 spur connections; one segment with trunk-in and 8 or 12 spur connections; or two segments with a trunk-in and 24 spur connections. Two-pair multicore trunk cable may be used when only a single trunk gland is available.

The box incorporates a rain channel that prevents standing water from damaging the one-piece seal, diverting it away from the contents when the door is opened. A 10mm earth stud and a breather are also included as standard.

An adhesive-backed, Traffolyte tag label is supplied loose or can be engraved with the tag number and fitted, if details are supplied when ordering.