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  • 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • SpurGuard short circuit protection with visual fault detection
  • Lexan polycarbonate case
  • 12-24 AWG wire capacity
  • -49 to 158°F (–45 to 70°C) operating temperature
  • 8A maximum input current
  • 32V dc maximum input voltage


The MTL AS-i Megablocks are DIN-rail mounted passive hubs that connect several AS-i devices to the network trunk cable and provide short circuit and overvoltage protection to the segment. Since the AS–i Megablocks do not contain AS–i chips or communicate over the AS–i network, but are used to interconnect AS–i master and slave devices that do contain AS–i chips, they do not consume network communication resources such as bandwidth and slave addresses.

Megablocks minimize hand wiring and allow individual devices to be added to and removed from the segment without disrupting network communication. A green power LED on each unit indicates whether DC power is present. Megablocks are available in four and eight drop versions. Multiple Megablocks are easily wired to one another to allow larger segments to be constructed.

For simple and reliable interconnection, each Megablock has two dedicated connections for the segment home run or trunk cable. Trunk connections are easily identified by their black connectors. Separate numbered connections are provided for each spur drop.

Connections to the Megablock are made using pluggable screw terminal type connectors. This allows wire terminations to be made to the individual connectors which are then plugged into the Megablock. Devices can then be easily connected and disconnected during commissioning. After commissioning, retaining screws are tightened to secure each connector to the Megablock.

Built-in SpurGuard short circuit protectors prevent a short circuit in any of the individual AS-i devices or spur cable runs from bringing the entire network segment down. A red LED near each spur connection indicates that a spur is shorted and is in overcurrent mode.

AS–i Megablocks can be mounted vertically or horizontally using 35mm DIN rail within a suitable enclosure, such as a field junction box. AS–i Megablocks are removed from the DIN rail using a flat blade screwdriver to release the mounting platform. Use of DIN rail end stops is recommended to prevent sliding in vertical installations. Four- and eight-port Megablocks have labeling areas so that segments can be easily identified according to plant standards.