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  • Foundation fieldbus H1, Profibus PA, IEC61158-2
  • -49 to 158°F (–45 to 70°C) operational ambient temperature (F100, FCS-MBT-XE)
  • Voltage limits (F100, FCS-MBT-XE)
    • Common mode: 39V
    • Transient mode: 75V
  • Zone
    • F100: general purpose zone, Div 2
    • FCS-MBT: Zone 0, Div 1 intrinsically safe
    • FCS-MBT-XE: Zone 1 Ex me


The MTL fieldbus terminators are used to meet the requirements of fieldbus standards that buses be terminated at both ends to prevent signal reflections. In many applications, one terminator is built into the power conditioner, which is usually located near the control system. The MTL range of fieldbus terminators are ideally suited to act as the second terminator, which is either integrated into the Megablock or fieldbus barrier wiring component or added in the form of a separate DIN-rail mounted unit. A large "T" is visible on all terminator labels for easy identification of the terminator location. Additionally, the F100 and FCS-MBT(-XE) provide differential and common-mode (cable shield) overvoltage protection.

The ground connection on the F100 and FCS-MBT(-XE) are used to shunt any surge currents to a local ground in the junction box. Under normal operating conditions, the cable shield remains DC isolated from this local ground. Although the normal practice is to ground the cable shield in the control room, this additional ground connection will not cause ground loops. However, in the event of an overvoltage on the cable shield, a gas discharge tube in the F100 or FCS-MBT(-XE) fires and shunts this unwanted current to ground.