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Emerson RX3i PLC
PACSystems PLC for rack based programmable logic and automation control
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Emerson RX3i CPL410 Open Source Edge Controller
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with open source Linux technology
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Emerson RX3i CPE400 PLC
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with embedded field agent technology
Emerson Rx3i l/O Modules
Discrete input/output, relay output, analog input/output, mixed analog, temperature control modules available
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Emerson CPE100 / CPE115 PLC
PACSystems RSTi-EP PLC for standalone programmable logic and automation control
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Emerson RSTi-EP I/O Modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, and safe feed-input active modules
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Emerson VersaMax PLC
Modular PLC for standalone control applications with scalable architecture
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Emerson Rx3i Power Supply Modules
Snap in attachment, works with any model PLC, auto-ranging, 120/240 VAC or 24VDC
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Emerson Rx3i Network Modules
PROFINET Controller, Ethernet EGD, PROFIBUS-DP, and DeviceNet options available
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Emerson Rx3i Base Plates
Universal backplane, 7, 12 or 16 universal slots
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Emerson CIMPLICITY 10 High Performance HMI/SCADA Software
Enabling real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant floor control from within a web browser
Emerson VersaMax I/O Modules
I/O modules that offer seamless integration with the PACSystems control family, for reliable, high performance solutions
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Emerson VersaMax Micro 20 Controllers
Expandable to 132 I/O points, serial expansion ports come with two analog input channels
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Emerson Mini Field Agent IIoT Device
Data can be securely gathered from industrial machinery or plants and transferred to the cloud
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Emerson PAC8000 I/O Modules
SafetyNet IO Modules are certified for use in safety-related applications up to and including SIL 2
Emerson RSTi Slice I/O Modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input and analog output modules
Emerson VersaMax Micro 14 Controllers
Customizable logic controller with up to 14 I/O built-in (expandable to 126 I/O) points.
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Emerson PAC8000 Network Interface Modules
Modules include PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus and Ethernet
Emerson VersaMax Expansion Remote Modules
Extend a VersaMax PLC or I/O station to include up to seven additional groups of up to eight modules each
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Emerson VersaMax Micro 64 Controllers
Expandable to 176 I/O points, 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC supply voltage
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Emerson VersaMax Power Supplies
Snap onto any VersaMax PLC or Network Interface Unit or onto a power supply booster carrier
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Emerson RSTi-EP Function Modules
Specialty module options for digital pulse width modulation, high-speed counter, frequency, SSI encoder, and serial communications
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Emerson VersaMax Micro 40 Controllers
Expandable to 152 I/O points, Supports up to 4 analog expansion units, 24K logic memory
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Emerson VersaMax I/O Carriers
VersaMax I/O Carriers, box, barrier or spring clamp connections, compact models available
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Emerson VersaMax Micro Communication Module
Modular by design and enables the user to select a wide range of communications options
Emerson Rx3i Motion Control Modules
Motion control (high speed counting) for a wide range of applications
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Emerson VersaMax Network Interface Modules
Allows the VersaMax PLC to operate as a master or slave on a network
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Emerson Rx3i Expansion Modules
Expansion options for local and remote I/O to optimize configurations
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Emerson RSTi-EP Power Modules
Passive modules for potential distribution (functional earth, ground, or 24VDC) or power-feed (10A)
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Emerson RSTi Slice Network Interface
Communication gateway with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, or Modbus protocol
Emerson Rx3i Serial Communications
Two or four port serial module
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Emerson PAC8000 I/O Module Carriers
Designed for 2/2 modules and are for either 32 or 64 module addressing
Emerson VersaMax Micro 23 PLC
23 discrete I/O and two analog input and one analog output built-in, expandable to 135 I/O points
Emerson Equipment Insight Asset Base System
Comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution that leverages data from your distributed industrial equipment and turns it into actionable insights
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Emerson RSTi Slice I/O & Network Interface
built-in I/O to reduce cost and footprint, The network interfaces can be expanded and support all of the RSTi I/O types.
Emerson VersaMax Micro 28 PLC
Built-in 28 points to fast cycle times, two built-in serial points, robust instruction set, expandable to 140 I/O points
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Emerson Industrial Ethernet Switches
Ethernet switches designed for plant process areas that work in harsh environments subject to temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration
Emerson VersaMotion Servo Amplifier
Support simple stand-alone positioning capability using up to 8 stored motion profiles or can be connected to any motion controller using an analog or pulse command interface
Emerson VersaSafe I/O Modules
Provides compact flexibility and allows users to install just the right amount of I/O needed for each application.
Emerson VersaMax Serial Communications
Provides a Modbus Master port for a Genius NIU remote I/O drop, can be used to interface with a wide range of Modbus slave devices
Emerson VersaSafe Starter Kit
PROFINET Distributed Safety Evaluation Kit
Emerson RSTi Slice Function Modules
Serial comminications, high speed counter and motion control modules available
Emerson PAC8000 Railbus Isolator Carrier
Together with the 8922-RB-IS Railbus Isolator, to isolate the 2/2 modules from the 2/1 modules
Emerson VersaSafe Safety Bridge
8PT, safe output 24 VDC, safety logic module, designed for surge voltage category II
Emerson VersaMax MicroMotion Expansion Module
Ideal for Micro integrated motion control or standalone motion control over serial or Ethernet networking
Emerson RSTi-EP Base Connector
Replacement module piece that holds the module electronics and attaches to the DIN rail as well as other modules
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Emerson RSTi Slice Power Modules
Reduce wiring and simplify installation, multiple voltages to be supported,