The GE Automation Micro PLCs modular design offers the features and flexibility to match many application needs, with fast cycle times, a robust instruction set, and extensive memory that multiplies your programming options.

The Micro 20, Micro 40 and Micro 64 PLCs feature expansion to 276,296 and 320 I/O points respectively, to fast cycle times, robust instruction sets, and generous memory to allow more flexible programming

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GE Automation VersaMax Micro 20 Controllers
Expandable to 132 I/O points, serial expansion ports come with two analog input channels
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GE Automation VersaMax Micro 14 Controllers
Customizable logic controller with up to 14 I/O built-in (expandable to 126 I/O) points.
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GE Automation VersaMax Micro 64 Controllers
Expandable to 176 I/O points, 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC supply voltage
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GE Automation VersaMax Micro Communication Module
Modular by design and enables the user to select a wide range of communications options
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GE Automation VersaMax Micro 40 Controllers
Expandable to 152 I/O points, Supports up to 4 analog expansion units, 24K logic memory
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GE Automation VersaMax MicroMotion Expansion Module
Ideal for Micro integrated motion control or standalone motion control over serial or Ethernet networking
GE Automation VersaMax Micro Expansion Modules
Discrete and analog expansion modules available for the VersaMax Micro Series
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