Isotech I-Cal Easy Calibration Software



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  • Fully Automatic Calibration
  • Design and print certificates
  • Calculate coefficients
  • Prints PRT and TC tables
  • Supports more equipment

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Isotech Drago 4934 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable liquid bath calibrator for temperatures from 30 to 250°C, can be converted to a dry block calibrator
Isotech Fast-Cal Dry Block Calibrator
Calibrate temperatures from -30 to 1200°F in a rugged stainless steel case
Isotech Gemini 4857 Dry Block Calibrator
Fixed or removable insert dry block temperature calibrators, range choice of 35 to 550ºC or 50 to 700ºC
Isotech Hyperion 4936 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable stirred liquid bath calibrator for temperatures from -25 to 140°C, can be converted to a dry block calibrator
Isotech Jupiter 4852 Dry Block Calibrator
High-temperature, 95 to 1220°F (35 to 660°C), ideal for thermocouple & platinum resistance thermometer calibration
Isotech Pegasus 4853 Dry Block Calibrator
150 to 1200°C high-temperature thermocouple calibration furnace
Isotech QuickCal 550 Dry Block Calibrator
Fast, compact handheld temperature calibrator (30°C to 350°C)
Isotech Venus 4951 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable dry block calibrator for temperatures from -35 to 140°C, can be converted to a liquid bath calibrator
Isotech TTI-7 Digital Thermometer
High-Accuracy PRT and TC Thermometer, accepts Scanner Cards for up to 10 Channels of Measurement

Isotech I-Cal Easy is calibration software for Isotech TTI-7, dry blocks, liquid baths and calibration furnaces. I-Cal Easy automates sensor calibration by allowing users to set up to 20 calibration points and letting the software automatically run the calibration. A graphical setup provides drag-and-drop simplicity and guides users through the process. I-Cal Easy also lets users create certificates by either using a built-in template or by designing their own. Text, data fields and graphics can be added to single or multiple pages and published as a certificate. I-Cal easy software also allows users to calculate coefficients. For thermocouples use the powerful regression calculator to fit error curves.