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  • Provides diagnostics of device and application
  • Simple installation and start-up
  • Available inputs and outputs: Current output (incl. HART), pulse/frequency output, status output and control input
  • Large backlit graphic display with intuitive operation
  • A variety of operating languages integrated as standard
  • Maintenance free
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Extremely quick signal conversion


The KROHNE IFC 100 electromagnetic flow converter is a next generation instrument which measures the flow velocity, conductivity, volume and mass flow of electrically conductive, liquid media. Incorporating a wide range of capabilities with a design that enhances ease of installation, operation, and control, the IFC 100 was developed for applications requiring an economical measuring solution with a high level of technology.

The IFC 100 offers an accuracy of ±0.3% of the measured value while providing extremely fast signal conversion and digital signal processing so that processes can be reliably controlled. A large, illuminated display and intuitive menus and makes set-up and operation easy, even under difficult conditions. The IFC 100 provides current output, pulse/frequency output, status output and control input. A HART interface is included as standard.

The IFC 100 flow converter is equipped with extensive diagnostic tools for checking equipment functions and for application testing. These advanced tools allow users to identify gas bubbles in the medium, compensate for excessively low conductivity, electrode defects, deposits on the electrode, or excessively high temperatures induced by media or the environment. Application and equipment-induced disturbances can also be quickly identified and located with the help of the IFC 100, resulting in significantly increased effectiveness.

The IFC 100 is available in a number of mounting configurations. A wall mount version allows for remote installations. The integral mount unit is available in 0° or 45° versions for improved readability of the display. The 0° version is ideal for installation in vertical pipes while the 45° is for horizontal pipes. Both housing versions can be rotated in 90° increments, allowing customer-specific installation positions.

Applications for the IFC 100 include:

  • Measuring homogeneous media
  • Water distribution networks and spray irrigation systems
  • Water treatment
  • Environmental technology