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Monarch Nova-Strobe Stroboscope
The industry standard for high intensity multi-function portable stroboscopes
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Monarch Pocket Laser Tach 200 Tachometer
Handheld digital tachometer with laser optics
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Amprobe TACH20 Combo Tachometer
Contact and non-contact tachometer for measuring both rotational and surface speeds
Monarch Nova-Pro LED Stroboscopes / Tachometers
Powerful portable visual inspection and speed measurement tools, 60 To 999,999 flash range
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Monarch ACT-3X Tachometer / Totalizer
NIST calibrated, fully programmable tachometer and totalizer
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Monarch VBX Vibration Stroboscope
Compatible with CSI and SKF analyzers, portable, 30‐50,000 FPM flash range, direct triggering from accelerometers
Extech 461920 Mini Laser Photo Tachometer Counter
Used for greater accuracy and longer measuring distances taking non-contact RPM measurements
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Monarch PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope
Energy efficient with long battery life, lightweight and pocket sized
Dwyer TAC-L Tachometer
Pocket-sized contact or non-contact tachometer for measuring rotational speed
Monarch ACT-1B Programmable Panel Tachometer
Economical, programmable digital tachometer with display in RPM or RPS
Monarch Palm Strobe X Stroboscope
High intensity, multi-function compact xenon stroboscope
Monarch Pocket Tach 99 Tachometer
Digital and battery-powered non-contact optical tachometer
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Monarch Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes
The industry standard for portable stroboscopes with an LED light source
Extech 461825 Photo Tachometer / Stroboscope
Speed and motion analysis of rotating objects plus non-contact RPM measurement
Extech 461830 Digital StroboTach
Freeze motion and analyze rotating objects without contact
Extech RPM10 Photo/Contact Tachometer with Infrared Thermometer
Photo/contact tachometer includes an IR thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurements
Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope
30 to 300,000 FPM (flashes per minute), 0.02% accuracy, digital pulse width modulation
Testo 470 Tachometer Kit
Combination optical/contact tachometer kit for rpm, speed & length measurements with ±0.02% accuracy
Monarch Phaser-Strobe PBX Stroboscope
Portable stroboscope with a range of 30 to 50,000 FPM and external phase shifting
Extech 461895 & 461995 Combination Photo / Contact Tachometer
Combines both contact and non-contact tachometers with optional laser aiming
Extech 461891 High Precision Contact Tachometer
Fast and accurate RPM and surface speed measurements
Extech RPM33 Laser Photo Tachometer
Combination contact/laser photo tachometer
Extech 461950 Panel Tachometer
1/8 DIN panel tachometer continuously and accurately reads from 5 to 99,990 RPM
Extech 461893 Non-Contact Photo Tachometer
Non-contact RPM measurements using visible light
AEMC CA1725 / CA1727 Tachometers
Measure the rotation speed of any moving part or device with or without contact
Extech RPM40 Tachometer
Pocket tachometer capable of contact or non-contact measurement of rotational and linear surface speed
Extech 461750 PocketTach Mini Tachometer
Contact mini tachometer for rpm and surface speed measurements
Dwyer TAC3 Tachometer
Pocket-sized instrument measures and displays the rotational speed of saw blades, grinders, engines, motors, and conveyor belts