• Photo mode range: 2 to 99,999rpm
  • Contact mode range: 2 to 20,000rpm
  • Accuracy: 0.05% rdg +1 digit
  • Large 5 digit backlit LCD display
  • Store/recall 10 data sets in memory
  • Resolution:
    • 0.1rpm (less than 10,000 rpm)
    • 1rpm (greater than 10,000 rpm)

What's in the Box

  • Contact wheel
  • 9V battery
  • Reflective tape
  • Soft case


The Extech RPM33 Laser Photo Tachometer quickly measures RPM, surface speed and length with one tool. Use the contact wheel for up-close readings or laser mode for safer, non-contact measurements up to 1.6ft (0.5m) away. The RPM33 has a large 5 digit backlit LCD display. The unit is microprocessor based with quartz crystal oscillator to maintain high accuracy. It provides wide RPM (photo and contact) and linear surface speed/length (contact) measurements. The non-contact laser can take measurements up to 1.6ft (500mm).

Applications for the contact RPM include:

  • Flywheels
  • Conveyors
  • Pumps
  • Elevators

Applications for the non-contact RPM include:

  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Gears

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