• Measure rpm from 5 to 99,990 RPM with microprocessor quartz crystal accuracy of 0.05%
  • Large LED display updates 1/sec (RPM < 60)
  • Resolution: 0.1 RPM (5 to 1000 RPM), 1 RPM (1000 to 999 RPM), 10 RPM (10,000 to 99,990 RPM)
  • Unique design permits rpm measurements of a one hole gear or disk eliminating the need for special gears
  • Optional proximity and photo sensors


The Extech 461950 panel tachometer is a 1/8 DIN panel mounted instrument that measures rotational speeds from 5 to 99,990 RPM while offing a basic accuracy of ±0.05%. The Extech 461950 panel tachometer features a 4-digit LED display that updated every second. The Extech 461950 panel tachometer also features a unique design that allows you to measure the RPM for a one hole gear or disk, which eliminates the need for specially configured gears.

The Extech 461950 panel tachometer is compatible with either of two sensor pickup types: a proximity sensor designed for target distance of 0.1" (3mm)and covering a range to 36,000 RPM (600Hz); or a photoelectric sensor with a target distance of 0.4" (10mm) and a range to 15,000 RPM (250Hz). Both sensors are encapsulated and come with a 6' cable. They are available as accessories for the Extech 461950 panel tachometer.


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