Water is a resource so central to our very survival that careful management is necessary to ensure competing interests have the access they need to it. Hydrology studies play a crucial role in water resources management. Monitoring water level and flow data from waterways, lakes, groundwater systems, and other aquatic resources provides vital information for flood forecasting, water supply determinations, water conservation studies, reservoir operations, and in the planning of large-scale water projects. This information aids the development of effective solutions for issues related to water availability and water allocation.

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HOBO MX2001 Water Level Data Logger
Water level data logger offers convenient wireless setup and download from mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy technology
HOBO U20L Series Water Level Loggers
Water Level, barometric pressure, pressure (absolute), temperature measurements, used in wide range of environmental applications
HOBO U20 Water Level Data Loggers
Water level, pressure & temperature, ideal for wells, streams, lakes, and freshwater wetlands
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HOBO U26-001 Dissolved Oxygen Data Logger
DO and temperature monitoring, 0.2 mg/L accuracy, 0 to 30 mg/L measuring range
HOBO U24 Series Conductivity Data Loggers
Non-contact capacitive sensor, conductivity monitoring for freshwater and stable saltwater applications
HOBO U20 Water Level Data Logger Starter Kit
Kit includes: U20-001-01 HOBO data logger (13', 30', 100' ranges available), BASE-U-4 Base Station and HOBOware Pro Software