Optris ACCTFBMH Mounting Bracket

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Optris CSmicro 2W hs LT Infrared Thermometer
Measures slight temperature differences of 0.025K from -4 to 302°F with a 8 to 14µm spectral range & cable electronics
Optris CSmicro 2W LT Infrared Thermometer
Compact IR thermometer for non metallic surfaces with cable electronics, high temperature resistance & -40 to 1886°F temperature range
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Optris CSmicro 3M Infrared Thermometer
For measuring temperatures of metallic surfaces from 122 to 1112°F with a miniaturized stainless steel measuring head & cable electronics
Optris CT 1M / 2M Infrared Thermometer
Non-contact temperature measurement for metals and ceramics, 482 to 3992°F temperature range, with a 1 or 1.6µm spectral range
Optris CT 3M Infrared Thermometer
Low temperature measurements of metals, 122 to 3272°F temperature range & 2.3μm spectral range
Optris CT G5 Infrared Thermometer
Non-contact measurement for glass with temperature ranges up to 3002°F & optical resolution up to 20:1
Optris CT LT Infrared Thermometer
Non-contact temperature measurement from -58 to 1787°F with 2:1, 15:1, or 22:1 optics & 8 - 14μm spectral range
Optris CT P3 Infrared Thermometer
Non-contact temperature measurement for plastic films from 122 to 752°F with 15:1 optical resolution
Optris CT P7 Infrared Thermometer
Non-contact temperature measurement for thin plastics with 32 to 1310°F temperature range, 7.9µm spectral range & 10:1 resolution
Optris CTex Infrared Thermometer
Intrinsically safe infrared thermometer with double zener barriers, 8 to 14µm spectral range & 2:1, 15:1 or 22:1 optics
Optris CTfast Infrared Thermometer
​Ultra fast temperature measurement from -58 to 1787°F, up to 6ms response time and 15:1 or 25:1 optics​
Optris CThot Infrared Thermometer
Resistant to high ambient temperatures up to 482°F without additional cooling, measures temperature ranging from -40 to 1787 °F
Optris CSmicro 2W 2M Infrared Thermometer
482 to 2912°F temperature range & 1.6µm wavelength for measuring metal temperatures with space saving cable electronics