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  • Compact sensing head with cable electronics
  • Adjustable signal processing
  • Temperature ranges
    • 482 to 1472°F (2ML)
    • 725 to 2912°F (2MH)
  • 1.6µm spectral range
  • Optical resolution
    • 40:1 (2ML)
    • 75:1 (2MH)
  • 10ms response time
  • 0.1 to 1.1 emissivity
  • 5 to 30VDC power supply
  • IP65 NEMA-4 rated

What's in the Box

  • Mounting nut
  • Standard connection cable
  • Manual

Optris CSmicro 2W 2M infrared thermometer has a 1.6µm spectral range for measuring the temperatures of metals from 482 to 2912°F, including applications in the metal processing industries, welding, soldering, re-forming, induction heating and sintering. It features short circuit and polarity reversal protection and can be used in temperatures up to 257°F without additional cooling.

The intelligent LED display can operate as an alarm signal, target support, for self-diagnosis or as a temperature-code display. The CSmicro 2W 2M features a 4 to 20mA analog output, 0 to 30 V/ 500mA open collector output, alarm output, as well as an optional digital unidirectional and bidirectional, 9.6 kBaud, 0/3V digital level, and USB output. It also features a programmable functional input for triggered signal output or peakhold function.

The Optris Compact Connect temperature analysis software is available as a free download, and is necessary to document and analyze temperature measurement data. It is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks, and PC systems via Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.


Optris Compact Connect Software
Temperature analysis software for simple and fast parameterization of compact and high performance fixed IR thermometers


Please consider these optional accessories.

Optris CT / CSmicro Massive Housing
Stabilizes measurements in applications with significant & short-term variations in ambient temperatures
Optris USB Interface Kit
Includes USB programming adaptor & CompactConnect software
In Stock
Optris CT / CS Mounting Bracket
Available as 1 or 2 axis & double hole M12, designed for 12mm sensing heads
In Stock
Optris ACCTMB Mounting Bolt
M12 x 1 thread, adjustable in one axis
Optris ACCTMG Mounting Fork
M12 x 1 thread, adjustable in two axes, compatible with CT / CS ACCTFB fixed single axis mounting bracket
Optris ACCTRAM Right Angle Mirror
Enables measurements with 90° angle to sensor axis, for sensing heads with optical resolution ≥10:1
Optris ACCTTAM25 Thread Adapter
M12x1 to M25x1.5 thread adapter includes 2 mounting nuts
Optris ACC Air Purge Collar
Available for optics ≥10:1, ≤2:1, laminar & laminar with integrated CF-lens
Optris ACCTAPMH Air Purge Collar
For massive housing, M18x1 thread
Optris ACCTFBMH Mounting Bracket
Single axis mounting massive housing bracket designed to be used with 18mm (M18) massive housing diameter
Optris ACCSMHTCERT Calibration Certificate
Certificate of calibration for CSmicro 2M/ 3M with 3 reference temperatures
For CT 1M, 2M & 3M series, available with external thread M12 x 1