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  • Submersible (gray body) or in-line (yellow body)
    • 32 to 185°F (0 to 85°C) submersible temp
    • 32 to 230°F (0 to 110°C) in-line temp
  • Auto configuration for pH or ORP operation
    • 0 to 14pH
    • ±2000mV ORP
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 15ft (4.6m) cable
  • CE & RoHS compliant

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GF Signet 8750-3 pH/ORP Transmitter
ProcessPro pH/ORP transmitter with two 4-20 mA outputs and two open collectors

The GF Signet 2760 pH/ORP preamplifiers feature the DryLoc connector, providing a robust connection to Signet DryLoc electrodes. It allows any DryLoc pH/ORP electrode to work with Signet ProcessPro and ProPoint pH/ORP instruments. It is also sold as a simple connector for use with other manufacturers' instruments that do not require a preamplified signal.

The 2760 submersible preamplifier can also be used as an in-line preamplifier when used with the ¾ or 1 inch threaded sensors including the 2724, 2774 and 2764 series electrodes. The in-line preamplifier can be used with Signet fittings up to DN100 (4in) and wet-tap assemblies.

GF Signet 2760 pH/ORP Preamplifiers Applications

  • Water/wastewater treatment
  • Neutralization systems
  • Scrubber control
  • Effluent monitoring
  • Surface finishing
  • Flocculent coagulation
  • Heavy metal removal and recovery
  • Toxics destruction
  • Sanitization systems
  • Pool & spa control
  • Aquatic animal life support systems


GF Signet 2764-2767 Differential pH and ORP Electrodes
Differential pH and ORP electrodes with DryLoc connector and Ryton body
GF Signet 2724-2726 pH and ORP Electrodes
DryLoc connector with corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts, connects to the 2760 preamplifier or the 2750/1 sensor electronics
In Stock
GF Signet 2774-2777 pH and ORP Electrodes
pH and ORP electrodes with DryLoc connector with gold-plated contacts featuring a PTFE double reference junction
In Stock
GF Signet 2756-WT and 2757-WT pH / ORP Electrodes
Wet-tap pH and ORP electrodes featuring DryLoc connector with gold-plated contacts
$439.00 to $510.00
$395.10 to $459.00


Please consider these optional accessories.

GF Signet 3719 pH/ORP Wet-Tap Assembly
pH/ORP wet-tap assembly allows electrode installation without process shutdown
GF Signet Installation Fittings
Fittings for securing insertion style flow sensors with different styles, models & materials to suit a variety of applications
In Stock
GF Signet 2759 pH/ORP System Tester
Battery-powered millivolt generator simulates pH values for trouble-shooting and system verification
GF Signet 8050 Universal Mounting Kit
Kit for mounting a field mount transmitter on a pipe, wall or other stationary surface near a sensor
In Stock
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Submersible (gray body)
Thread Type
3/4in NPT
Preamplifer (for use with 8750 or 5700)
$325.80 4

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