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  • ±0.03 pH; ±2 mV ORP accuracy
  • 14 to 158°F (-10 to 70°C) operating temp
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • 2x16 LCD display
  • Hold and simulate functions
  • EasyCal
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosure
  • CE, UL, CUL and RoHS compliant

The GF Signet 8750-3 pH/ORP Transmitter is designed for broad applications and ease of setup and use. The GF Signet 8750-3 pH/ORP Transmitter auto-configures for either pH or ORP use when connected to GF Signet pH or ORP electrodes. A choice of mounting options allow users to customize their installation for particular applications.

The GF Signet 8750-3 pH/ORP Transmitter's EasyCal menu features automatic buffer recognition for mistake-proof pH or ORP electrode calibrations. Intuitive software and the four button keypad arrangement make it easy to access important information such as pH or ORP, mV input, temperature, calibration, relay set-up menus, and more.

Applications for GF Signet 8750-3 pH/ORP Transmitter

  • Neutralization Systems
  • Heavy Metals Recovery
  • Plating Control
  • Scrubber Control
  • Pool and Spa Control
  • Environmental Study
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Waste Treatment
  • Disinfection
GF Signet 2724-2726 pH and ORP Electrodes
DryLoc connector with corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts, connects to the 2760 preamplifier or the 2750/1 sensor electronics
In Stock
GF Signet 2764-2767 Differential pH and ORP Electrodes
Differential pH and ORP electrodes with DryLoc connector and Ryton body
GF Signet 2774-2777 pH and ORP Electrodes
pH and ORP electrodes with DryLoc connector with gold-plated contacts featuring a PTFE double reference junction
In Stock
GF Signet 2759 pH/ORP System Tester
Battery-powered millivolt generator simulates pH values for trouble-shooting and system verification
GF Signet Installation Fittings
Fittings for securing insertion style flow sensors with different styles, models & materials to suit a variety of applications
In Stock
GF Signet 8050 Universal Mounting Kit
Kit for mounting a field mount transmitter on a pipe, wall or other stationary surface near a sensor
In Stock
GF Signet 200 Retrofit Adapter
1/4-DIN retrofit adapter
GF Signet Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket
Heavy duty 1/4 DIN wall mount bracket (panel mount only)
GF Signet Surface Mounting Bracket
GF Signet Accessory Kit
Wall Mount Accessory for 9900
GF Signet 2756-WT and 2757-WT pH / ORP Electrodes
Wet-tap pH and ORP electrodes featuring DryLoc connector with gold-plated contacts
$439.00 to $510.00
$395.10 to $459.00
GF Signet 2760 pH/ORP Preamplifier
Submersible or in-line mount connector or preamplifier featuring DryLoc connectors, available with NPT or ISO threads
In Stock