Rosemount 8714D Transmitter Calibration Standard



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  • Ensures traceability to NIST standards
  • Used to recalibrate:
    • 8712 C/D/E transmitters
    • 8732 C/E transmitters
    • 8742C transmitters
  • Simulates flow rates of 0, 3, 10 and 30ft/s

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The Rosemount 8714D Transmitter Calibration Standard ensures traceability to NIST standards and long-term accuracy of the flow meter system. This high-precision instrument can be used to recalibrate Rosemount 8712 C/D/E, 8732 C/E, and the 8742C transmitters. The 8714D supplies an exact voltage, precisely simulating flow rates of 0.00 ft./s, 3.00 ft./s, 10.00 ft./s and 30.00 ft./s. The precise 30.00 ft./s voltage signal may be used to recalibrate or verify transmitter operation.