HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station Starter Kit


HOBO Data Loggers by Onset

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  • Setup is quick and easy with plug-and-play sensors
  • ±0.25% of FSR from 50mV to FSV accuracy
  • Fast data offload via USB
  • Optional analog inputs with sensor excitation
  • Compatible with most Onset smart sensors
  • 15 data channels maximum
    • Some sensors use more than one channel
  • Alarm output relay rated for 30V and 1A max
    • Can be activated, deactivated, or pulsed
    • Configured as normally open or normally closed
  • Nonvolatile flash data storage, 512KB local storage
  • External power via 3W solar panel
  • Electronics are housed in NEMA 6 enclosure

What's in the Box

  • HOBO U30 NRC data logger
  • 3W solar panel
  • Temp/RH smart sensor & 2m cable
  • Wind speed smart sensor & 3m cable
  • Wind direction smart sensor & 3m cable
  • Full crossarm for wind sensors
  • Solar radiation shield for temp/RH sensor

The HOBO U30-NRC weather station starter kit is a rugged data logging weather station with out-of-the-box convenience. Combining the HOBO U30-NRC remote monitoring system and a number of weather sensors including a temperature/RH sensor, wind speed sensor, and wind direction sensor, the U30-NRC provides a basic platform from which other sensors can be added.

The U30-NRC accepts up to 10 plug-and-play Smart Sensors. Just plug in your sensor and it's automatically recognized – no programming, wiring or calibration necessary. Additional sensors for barometric pressure, leaf wetness, light intensity, rainfall, soil moisture, and more are fully supported by the U30-NRC.

The U30-NRC is designed for rugged outdoor environments. All electronics are housed within a double-weatherproof, tamper-proof enclosure tested to NEMA 6. External power is supplied via a 3W solar panel to accommodate remote applications. Data can be recorded and monitored remotely via HOBOlink. Use HOBOware Pro software to set up analog data channels, communicate with the logger locally, and perform advanced plotting and analysis.

Power Supplies

HOBO Power Adapters
AC power adapters for use with HOBO RX3000 data loggers
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HOBO HOBOware Pro Software
Plot or export data to spreadsheets, time saving tools to fast setup, readout and export, compatible with all HOBO data loggers
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HOBO MAG-SPT Series AC Potential Transformers
Measures True RMS for accurate readings of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveforms, ranges of 150, 300, 600 Volts AC
HOBO S-BPB-CM50 Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor
Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor for use with the RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger
HOBO CDI-5200 / CDI-5400 Compressed Air Flow Meters
Adds the ability for users to be able to measure compressed air flow (SCFM), fits 1 inch or 2 inch steel pipes
HOBO T-VER-971BP-200 Split-Core Bi-Polar DC Transducer
Measures up to 200 Amps of DC current in both flow directions, adjustable span range
HOBO Veris Kilowatt Hour 1-Phase / 3-Phase Transducers
300 or 800 amp sensors, split-core installation eliminates the need to remove conductors, accurate electronic pulse output
In Stock
HOBO WNB-3D WattNode 3-Phase Series Transducers
Measures 1, 2, or 3 phases in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations, pulse output, use with wide variety of CT's
HOBO Veris Kilowatt Transducer Sensor
Three 100 amp split core current transformers, 480 Volts AC rms input voltage
HOBO S-LWA Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor
Measurement range: 0 (dry) to 100% (wet), capacitive grid sensor type
HOBO S-LIA Photosynthetic Light Smart Sensor
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Smart Sensor, designed to detect photons between 400-700 nm in wave length
HOBO UCC Series Pulse Input Adapters
Connects sensors with pulse outputs to loggers with smart-sensor inputs
In Stock
HOBO S-RGA-M002 Rain Gauge Smart Sensor
0.01" Rain Gauge (2m cable) Smart Sensor, measures rainfall rates up to five inches per hour
HOBO S-RGB-M002 Rainfall Smart Sensor
0.2 mm Rainfall (2m cable) Smart Sensor, measures rainfall rates up to 12.7 cm per hour
HOBO 12-bit Temperature/RH Smart Sensors
Temperature and RH measurements
HOBO S-SMC-M005 Soil Moisture Smart Sensor
Sensor uses a high-frequency (70 MHz) circuit that provides good accuracy even in high-salinity and sandy soils.
HOBO S-SMD Soil Moisture Smart Sensor
Measures a large 1-liter volume of soil, providing a more accurate picture of average soil moisture
HOBO TMB Series 12-Bit Temperature Smart Sensors
Temp, and water temp measurements, stainless steel sensor tip and robust cable, 2m, 6m and 17m length options
HOBO T-ION-TVOC Volatile Organic Compound Sensor
Measures volatile organic compounds with TVOC sensor, selectable measuring ranges of 10, 100 and 1000 ppm
HOBO T-MINOL-NL Water Flow Meter Sensor
Compact, no-lead water flow meter sensor that measures cold and hot water flow rates, with 59 inch cable length
HOBO S-WCB Wind Monitor Adapter Sensor
Connects the R.M. Young Wind Monitor-AQ Sensor (model 05305) with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations
HOBO S-WCC Marine Wind Monitor Adapter Sensor
Connects the R.M. Young Marine Wind Monitor Sensor (model 05106) with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations
HOBO S-WDA Wind Direction Smart Sensor
Research-grade plug-and-play sensor for measuring and logging wind direction data
HOBO S-WSB Wind Speed Smart Sensor
Measure wind speed from 0 to 76 m/s (0 to 170 mph), sensor survives through 170 mph


Please consider these optional accessories.

HOBO U-DT-2 U30 Shuttle Data Transporter
Reads out data from systems in the field for transfer to a host computer, preserves data in nonvolatile memory
HOBO Voltage Input Adapter Sensor
Digital filtering improves measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample, 12-bit resolution
In Stock
HOBO 4-20 mA Input Adapter Sensor
Interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to connect to smart sensor compatible data loggers
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HOBO SOLAR-5W / SOLAR15W Solar Panels
5 Watt and 15 Watt solar panels work with the RX3000 and the U30-NRC, reduce system costs


This product can be used in the following applications:

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Local Weather Monitoring

The Background: Our customer is a lab that conducts research that can be influenced by the weather. To understand how much effect the weather has on their experiments, they seek a way to monitor and record weather conditions.

The Problem: The customer wants a solution that can be mounted on the roof and provide reliable weather data. They do not need professional level instruments but, rather, something easy to use and dependable.

The Solution: We recommended the HOBO U30-NRC weather station starter kit, a rugged data logging weather station with out-of-the-box convenience. The U30-NRC combines a remote monitoring station with a temperature/RH sensor, wind speed sensor, and wind direction sensor. Additional plug and play sensors can be added, as needed.