• Dead band is 19.6in (0.5m) from top of antenna
  • Up to 230ft (70m) measurement range
  • Minimum bulk density of 12.5lb/ft3 (200kg/m3)
  • Process fitting thread, angle adapter
  • 2.3 to 7kHz emitting frequency
  • Polyurethane covered aluminum housing material
  • 4-20mA & RS-485 with Modbus signal output


The Rosemount 5708 series 3D solids scanner uses a multiple point measurement technology to deliver accurate volume and level measurement of bulk solids and powders regardless of material type, product characteristics, storage silo type, size, or harshness of the storage environment. The 5708L, 5708V, and 5708S models enable efficient process measurement and true inventory management of bulk solid materials used in industrial applications including:

  • Large open bins
  • Bulk solid storage rooms
  • Stockpiles and warehouses
  • Loads that randomly form over time inside silos

The device includes an integral array of three antennas that generate unique dust-penetrating low frequency acoustic waves and receive echoes from the contents. Using these antennas, the unit measures not only the time/distance of each echo, but also its direction.

Collecting multiple echoes from different directions and distances enables the scanner to accurately calculate the volume of stored material. It also enables the 3DVision software to generate the 3D visualization of the material.

The acoustic waves combined with self-cleaning capabilities prevent material from adhering to the internal workings of the antenna array, ensuring long-term reliable performance with very low maintenance requirements, regardless of harsh dusty conditions.