• Real-time access to data from any web browser
  • Web-based energy and environmental monitoring
  • GSM Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, direct USB options available
  • industrial-grade, tamper proof enclosure housing
  • Alarm relay can be activated, deactivated or pulsed
  • 5 or 10 smart-sensor inputs
  • Maximum of 15 data channels


The HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems enable real-time, remote access to your data via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet communications. They can be configured with any combination of external Smart Sensors, and have been designed with an industrial-grade, tamperproof enclosure.

The U30 Series are web-based, 15-channel data logging systems for a broad range of energy and weather monitoring applications. The system transmits data to the web through an ethernet network connection, WIFI communications or cellular communications for easy access from internet-enabled devices. In addition, alarms can be configured to generate text messages and emails when data goes out of range.




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