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  • Flanged style
  • 0.25% standard accuracy
    • 0.15% high accuracy option available
  • 1/2 to 36 inch sizes available
  • Pulsed DC coil drive power
  • Standard process design

Rosemount 8700 series flanged flowtube sensors are fabricated from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants.

The Rosemount 8705 is available in sizes ranging from ½ to 36 inches. The sealed housing pn the Rosemount 8705 flanged flowtube ensures maximum flowtube sensor reliability by protecting all internal components and wiring from the most hostile environments.

Rosemount magmeter systems use pulsed DC technology that provides continuous automatic zeroing to compensate for variations in the process environment. Process liquid must have a conductivity of 5 microsiemens/cm (5 micromhos/cm) or greater.

Rosemount 8700 series flowtubes are interchangeable with both the 8712D and 8732 flow transmitters. System accuracy is maintained regardless of line size or optional features. Each Rosemount 8705 flanged flowtube nameplate has a sixteen-digit calibration number that can be entered into a transmitter through the Local Operator interface or the HART Communicator - depending on model.

Instrumart is an IDWR-approved flow meter vendor

The Rosemount 8700 series flanged flowtube sensors is a IDWR-certified flow meter as outlined in the Idaho Department of Water Resources state order requiring flow meters to be installed by water users that divert water in regulated areas from both ground and surface water sources. This flow meter was tested by the staff at Utah State's NIST traceable lab and passed all requirements set by the IDWR and Idaho Department of Agriculture. If you have any questions about this flow meter or what IDWR-approved flow meter best fits your application, please ask one of our helpful engineers. 1-800-884-4967.

Rosemount 8732E Flow Transmitter
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Rosemount 8712 Flow Transmitter
Remote mount flow transmitter for Rosemount magnetic flow meters
Rosemount 8714D Transmitter Calibration Standard
Ensures traceability to NIST standards, used to recalibrate Rosemount 8712 C/D/E, 8732 C/E, and the 8742C transmitters
Rosemount Flow Start-up & Commissioning Service
Per day fee for installation verification and commissioning from Rosemount Flow service technicians