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The KROHNE IFC 050 signal converter is an economical and reliable flow converter designed to be the perfect choice for measuring volumetric flow in various kinds of applications such as water and wastewater as well as the food and beverage industry. The modular concept of the IFC 050 gives the opportunity to combine it with a range of KROHNE flow sensors including: OPTIFLUX 1000, OPTIFLUX 2000, OPTIFLUX 6000 and the WATERFLUX 3000.

The IFC 050 signal converter fulfills all industry specific requirements. Its electronics are protected against condensate with an extra coating, so it can even be used in tropical areas. The housing is protected with dual-layer painting , keeping it safe from aggressive fluids such as salt water. Of course, it's very sturdy and shock-resistant for outdoor use.

The IFC 050 is an easy to use converter with basic output signals including current output (including HART), active pulse/frequency output, status output and Modbus. It is available in either a compact, meter mounted or remote design. The converter is available with an integral display or as a blind version which is perfect for any situation where display readings are not required and the menu is permanently set.