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  • Battery operated, stand-alone water meter, battery life up to 15 years
  • Excellent performance in low flow conditions and over a wide flow range
  • Easy installation, short inlet and outlet runs, no filters and bi-directional flow
  • Maintenance free operation, no moving parts, no wear and obstruction free
  • Optional, battery powered data logger and GSM module for remote data transfer


The KROHNE IFC 070 electromagnetic signal converter is designed for water industry use in applications such as potable water distribution networks, for revenue billing and for water abstraction. The IFC 070 is battery powered making it especially suitable for applications where no power connection is available and provides certainty in case of power failure. An optional GSM modem and data logger module is available for the remote transmission of measurement data and status information

The IFC 070 signal converter can be supplied in either compact or remote design. In case of a remote design, the converter can be installed on the wall or on a pipe. The functionality of the compact and remote versions is identical.

The IFC 070 signal converter has an extreme low power consumption. It delivers precise and reliable measurements for many years operating on batteries. With a sampling rate of 1/15 Hz, the water meter can operate for more than fifteen years.

In addition to a long battery lifetime of up to 15 years, the IFC 070 provides diagnostic information. The IFC 070 has two status outputs for self-checking, battery warnings and counter overrun.