AEMC OX 7202III & OX 7204III Oscilloscopes
This product has been retired.

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  • Accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Sampling rate 2.5 GS/s in one-shot mode and 100 GS/s in ETS mode (repetetive signals)
  • 2 or 4 isolated measurement channels (600 V CAT III) and up to 8 traces on screen
  • 2 or 4 independent TRMS digital multimeters (8000 counts, 200 kHz)
  • LCD touch screen and Windows-like menus on screen
  • Probix "plug & play" input terminals and smart sensors
  • Standard "real-time" FFT analysis and calculation functions on channels
  • Multi-interface communication connectors: RS232, Centronics and Ethernet
  • Memory depth of up to 50,000 points per channel (Oscilloscope and Recorder modes)
  • Triggering on measurement thresholds in oscilloscope and multimeter modes
  • Web server (FTP server/client) with cursors and automatic measurements
  • MiniFlex sensors, powered by the instrument
  • Power measurement option included for your power measurements
  • Adapter for measuring up to 700 V AC RMS 1000 V DC in meter mode

The AEMC OX7202III and OX7204III oscilloscopes are rugged, self-contained, hand-held, two or four-channel oscilloscopes with 100 or 200 MHz bandwidth. The OX7202III and OX7204III feature 0.1% accuracy and a maximum input voltage of 600 V DC, 600 V RMS, 850 V pk (DC + peak AC at 1 kHz) without a 10/1 probe and 1000 V RMS with a 10/1 probe. In addition to oscilloscope functions, the OX7202III and OX7204III also include an FFT analyzer, TRMS multimeter, harmonic analyzer and a recorder making them the perfect tools for both laboratory and field testing.

The OX7202III and OX7204III utilize the patented system of "plug- and-play" accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels and a range of remote management capabilities. The Ethernet link lets usersremotely control the oscilloscope without loading any software to a PC.

The AEMC OX7202III and OX7204III oscilloscopes feature multi-interface communication connectors; RS232, Centronics and Ethernet. In oscilloscope and recorder modes the meters have memory for up to 50,000 points per channel.

Applications for the AEMC OX7202III and OX7204III oscilloscopes:

  • On-site contractor maintenance - industrial or electronic
  • "Internal" plant maintenance
  • Installations and start-up
  • Industrial process
  • Quality control
  • Research and laboratory - engineers or technicians
  • Field service

The AEMC OX7202III and OX7204III oscilloscopes ship complete with:

  • (2) PROBIX PRHX1 1/10 probes 250 MHz, 600 V CAT III
  • (2) PROBIX 4 mm banana plug adapter
  • (1) US power adapter (115 V, 60 Hz)
  • (1) Battery pack, NiMH 9,6 V, 3.8 ah
  • (2) Set-of-two color-coded leads, 1.5 m (red/black) with needle probe tips
  • (2) Ethernet cables (one straight/one crossed)
  • (2) Set-of-two grip probes (red/black)
  • (2) stylus
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • SX-METRO data processing and analysis software
  • Recorder/Harmonic/Power/50K memory option (installed)
  • 3-year product warranty and registration card
  • User manual CD-ROM
AEMC OX7202III and OX7204III Oscilloscopes Specifications:
Screen Specifications Color 5.7" LCD (115 x 86 mm) 320 x 240 CCFL backlighting
Display Mode Vectors with interpolation
No. of Traces on Screen Four traces and four references - split screen and full screen modes (tracing zone 110 x 74)
Front Panel Control 32 direct shortcuts
Screen Control Touch screen - "Windows-like" menus and graphic commands
Vertical Sensitivity 16 ranges from 2.5 mV - 200 V/div and up to 156 µV/div in verticle zoom mode (12-bit converter) - Accuracy ±1%
Bandwidth 200 MHz
Channels OX 7202-III: Two isolated channels
OX 7204-CIII: Four isolated channels
Accuracy ±0.1% of reading
Input Impedance 1 MΩ ±0.5%
Max. Input Voltage 600 V DC, 600 V RMS, 850 V pk (DC + peak AC at 1 kHz) without 10/1 probe
1000 V RMS with 10/1 probe
derating -20 dB/decade at 100 kHz to 100 MHz
Vertical Zoom x5 maximum
Time Base Speed 35 ranges from 1 ns/div to 200 s/div
Accuracy accuracy ±0.1% - roll mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div
Horizontal Zoom x100 maximum
Digital Memory
Max. Sampling Speed 100 GS/s in ETS - 2.5 GS/s in single shot mode on each channel
Vertical Resolution 12 bits
Memory Capacity per Channel "TRC" approx. 10 kB, "TXT" approx. 20 kB
User Memory 2 MB
Other Modes Envolope mode (Factors from 2 to 64)
XY Mode Between two from the four traces - math functions and cursors
Other Functions
Autoset Complete autoset < 3s with recognition of channels, Frequency > 30 Hz
FT Analyzer & Math Functions FT, +, -, z, / - Editor of mathematical functions
Cursors Two or three cursors: V and T simultaneous or Phase Resolution 12 bits, display four digits
Power Source Rechargeable 9 v 3.8 Ah battery (included)
Battery Life Four hour operation when fully charged
Communication Ethernet, RS-232, Web Server


AEMC MiniFlex High Frequency Oscilloscope Compatible Probes
Flexible sensor and electronic module designed to measure frequency response up to 1MHz

Current Clamps

AEMC SR759 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 1mA to 1200AAC, accommodates conductors up to two 500kcmil


Please consider these optional accessories.

AEMC MR411 AC/DC Current Probe
Designed to extend current measuring capabilities of DMMs, oscilloscopes and other instruments
AEMC Model SR701 AC Current Probe
Industrial and utility environments, measurement range of 1mA to 1200Aac
AEMC Model SR704 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 1mA to 1200AAC, jaw opening accommodates conductors up to 2.25" (57mm)
AEMC SR752 AC Current Probe
Range 1mA to 1200A, jaw opening 2.25" (57mm) max, industrial and utility environments
AEMC MN01 AC Current Probe
Small, compact size, measurement range of 2 to 150Aac
AEMC MN251 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 0.5 to 240AAC, 40Hz to 10kHz response, 1mVAC/AAC output signals
AEMC MN213 AC Current Probe
Compact AC current probe designed to meet the most stringent demands
AEMC SR600 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 100mA to 1200AAC, low phase shift for power measurements
AEMC SR601 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 100mA to 1200Aac, Ergonomic design and easy operation
AEMC SR651 AC Current Probe
Measurement range: 100mA to 1200Aac, ergonomic design and easy operation
AEMC SR634 AC Current Probe
Measurement range: 100mA to 1200AAC, transformation ratios 250:5, 500:5, 1000:5
AEMC MN253 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 0.5 to 240AAC, jaw accommodates conductors up to 250MCM
AEMC MN255 AC Current Probe
Measurement range of 0.5 to 240AAC, jaw accommodates conductors up to 250MCM
AEMC MN291 AC Current Probe
Measurement range: 0.5 to 240AAC, 100mVDC/AACoutput signals
AEMC SL261 AC/DC Current Probe
Screw driver shaped probe with elongated prod for probing in crowded industrial and automotive environments
AEMC 2152.24 Lead Set
Lead set of 2, Color-coded (red/black) 5 ft safety leads rated 1000V CAT IV
AEMC 2140.64 Lead Set
Red, black, blue & white color-coded leads, 10ft (3m) and rated 1000V CAT IV 15A
AEMC 2140.56 Safety Alligator Clips
Clip set of 4, safety alligator (red, black, blue & white), rated 1000V CAT IV, 15A


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