The AEMC SL261 AC/DC current probe is designed for AC/DC current measurement capabilities using Hall effect technology. It measures from a few mA to over 100A.

The unique design was chosen to permit probing in crowded cable bundles, or measuring in tight areas such as on circuit boards, motor controllers and automotive circuitry. The electronics and batteries are self-contained in the handles. It is an excellent companion to DMMs, recorders and loggers, oscilloscopes and waveform displaying instruments. Low phase shift also insures reliable power and power quality measurements.

The Model SL261 is designed for current measuring and displaying on oscilloscopes. AC + DC output signals proportional to the total current are provided for true RMS measurements.

AEMC SL261 AC/DC Current Probe Applications

  • Circuit board testing
  • Motor controllers
  • Automotive circuitry

AEMC SL261 AC/DC Current Probe Includes

  • 9V battery
  • User manual