• Measures: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, temperature, pressure
  • 30 A AC/DC current measurement
  • Fast warm-up period
  • Covers on calibration
  • Dual display
  • Direct null function
  • Integrated menu dial
  • Dynamic accuracy and uncertainty calculations on user display
  • Interfaces: RS-232, GIPB, USB, LAN
  • Math Functions: Standard deviation, uncertainty, power dissipation, dB and dBm calculations, measurement scaling, programmable digital filter, min/max/ ratio


The Transmille 8000 Series precision multimeters provide outstanding accuracy and linearity measurement performance together with ease of use. With 7-1/2 and 8-1/2 digit models available, the 8000 Series offers outstanding stability across multi-disciplinary measurements.

Using precision foil resistors, with temperature coefficients less than 0.3 ppm/°C, the Transmille 8000 Series precision multimeters offer the latest in analog chopper stabilized op-amps and low leakage switches. A temperature stabilized Zener reference chip provides better than 1 ppm stability per year. The Transmille 8000 Series precision multimeters utilize a multi-processor design, making full use of today's low cost digital processing power. Low-level processors provide the measurement ranging and A to D control duties, while a 32-bit high performance processor handles data management.

The single board construction and use of the latest in low power digital processing has allowed Transmille to significantly reduce the component count, providing an inherent increase in reliability over older, more complex designs. Lower power means lower operating temperatures, allowing the 8000 Series to be used without the need for fan assisted cooling, creating a low noise energy efficient product. Cost of ownership is reduced by higher product reliability and lower initial capital costs.

There are three models in the Transmille 8000 series family. The 8071 is a 7-1/2 digit model; the 8080 is an 8-1/2 digit model with rear terminals; and the 8081 is an 8-1/2 digit model with rear terminals and electrometer functions.

The all models of the Transmille 8000 Series precision multimeters both feature AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance measurement. Interfaces for these precision multimeters include RS-232, GPIB, USB and LAN interfaces. A clear, bright presentation of measurements and settings using dual fluorescent display technology makes the 8000 Series meters easy-to-read from a distance. Standard deviation, uncertainty of measurement, measurement scaling are among several math functions the Transmille 8000 series can perform.



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