YSI Calibration Solutions and Standards
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YSI 3100/3200 Conductivity Meters
High accuracy, ±0.1%, conductivity measurement instruments
YSI 5564 & 5565 pH/ORP Probe
YSI pH/ORP probe is compatible with YSI 5563 cable assembly
YSI EcoSense ORP15 ORP Tester
ORP and temperature measurement in a pen-style tester with graphic display
YSI EcoSense pH10 pH Tester
pH and temperature measurement in a pen-style tester with graphic display
YSI pH1200 pH/mV Meter
Simple, accurate laboratory-grade pH, mV and temperature measurements
YSI Pro10 pH / ORP Meter
Portable, user replaceable sensors and cables, 50 data set memory, IP67 protection
YSI Pro1020 pH / ORP & DO Meter
Handheld meter that measures dissolved oxygen and temperature along with either pH or ORP (redox)
YSI Pro1030 Multiparameter Meter
Tough, smart and versatile pH/ORP/Conductivity/Salinity/TDS/Temperature meter designed for rugged field work
YSI Pro2030 Dissolved Oxygen & Conductivity Meter
Measures dissolved oxygen, salinity, conductivity, specific conductance, TDS, barometric pressure and temperature
YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter
Portable digital sampling system for the measurement of up to 17 water quality parameters
YSI Professional Plus Multiparameter Meter
The toughest, smartest and most versatile water quality meter available
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YSI 556 Multiparameter System
Hand-held meter simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature and ORP
YSI EcoSense EC300 Conductivity Meter
Simultaneously measures conductivity (along with specific conductance, salinity and TDS) and temperature in one hand-held instrument
YSI EcoSense pH100 pH Meter
Measures pH, mV and temperature in one hand-held instrument

Full range of calibration solutions and standards for YSI analytical meters.

Description Ranges Notes
Conductivity standards 1,000 to 100,000umhos/cm NIST traceable, freshness dated
Zobell ORP solution Freshness dated
pH buffer solution 4, 7, 10pH Freshness dated
Ammonium calibration solution 1, 10, 100mg/L Freshness dated
Confidence solution Not for calibration, verifies conductivity, pH, ORP
Nitrate standard 1, 10, 100mg/L Freshness dated
Turbidity standards 0, 12.4, 124 or 1010 FNU 1 gallon size