YSI 3100/3200 Conductivity Meters
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These conductivity meters require conductivity cells which must be purchased separately. See the accessories tab.


  • Model 3100
    • Forced current technology
    • Measures: Conductivity, Salinity, Conductance, Temperature
    • Linear compensation
    • Reference temperature: 15 to 25°C
    • Data storage: none
  • Model 3200
    • Resistance Ratio Technology
    • Measures: Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, Temperature, Conductance, Resistance, Total Dissolved Solids
    • Linear and Nonlinear compensation
    • Reference temperature: 0 to 100°C
    • Data storage: 100 points

The YSI 3100 conductivity meter provides high-accuracy measurements for basic conductivity. The instrument uses forced-current measurement technology. Other features include a direct-reading digital display, an adjustable temperature coefficient, reference temperature and automatic temperature compensation.

The YSI 3100 uses a line of NIST-traceable conductivity cells with built-in temperature sensors, assuring the most accurate measurements.

The YSI 3200 conductivity meter features user-selectable measurement modes. Measurement modes include conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature. Resistance Ratio Technology ™ provides unmatched accuracy for ultra-pure water measurements. The YSI 3200 has high and low alarms for process applications. The multipoint calibration feature allow for a variety of measurements to be taken with the same cell.

YSI 3100/3200 Series conductivity cells have built-in thermistors, allowing automatic temperature compensation. All YSI cells are calibrated according to OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) recommendations 56 (Standard solutions reproducing the conductivity of electrolytes) and 68 (Calibration method for conductivity cells).

YSI 3100/3200 Series conductivity cells are shipped with greater than 1% cell accuracy and include a certificate of traceability. The cells can be used as a secondary lab standard. They can also be re-calibrated (adjusted) to NIST traceable standards. The black platinum electrodes are extremely stable and linear.


YSI 3166 Conductance Calibrator Set
Resistor set verifies performance


YSI 3100/3200 Conductivity Cells
YSI conductivity cells with optional temperature sensor for use with YSI 3100/3200 conductivity instruments


YSI Calibration Solutions and Standards
Full range of calibration solutions and standards for YSI analytical meters
In Stock
YSI 060906 Conductivity Standard
Conductivity standard, 1,413 uS/cm, +/- 1.0% tolerance, NIST traceable, case of eight individual pints


Please consider these optional accessories.

YSI 3232 Adapter Cell
YSI 3232 Adapter Cell