• 1/16 DIN
  • Eight-button or three-button operation
  • Fuzzy Logic Control with PID Autotune
  • NEMA 4X Protection for harsh environments
  • Display or hide unused parameters
  • 8-Segment Ramp/Soak: four setpoints, four ramp rates, four soak periods
  • Download programs from your PC
  • A wide variety of inputs
  • 85-264 VAC power supply
  • Lower Prices than Other PID Controllers
  • Three-Year Manufacturing Warranty


** Notice **

Fuji Electric PXW and PXZ temperature controllers have been discontinued and replaced with Fuji Electric PXR Temperature Controllers .

To see which PXR models replace popular 1/16 DIN models of the PXZ and PXW, please refer to the Fuji Electric PXW4 & PXZ4 to PXR4 Cross Reference.

Fuji Electric PX temperature controllers employ Fuji's patented fuzzy logic algorithm with PID Autotune. These process / temperature controllers "learn" your process by using the PID parameters as a starting point for all decisions made by the controller. This intelligence allows your process to reach its setpoint in the shortest time possible while virtually eliminating overshoot. The end result is that your process maintains a steady setpoint.

NEMA 4X protection makes the Fuji Electric PX temperature controller tough enough to withstand the harshest of environments. Fuji's fuzzy logic algorithm makes these temperature controllers smart enough to learn your process and make rapid, accurate adjustments. A variety of choices for number of buttons, DIN size, configuration, and options make the Fuji Electric PX temperature controller versatile enough to match your individual needs.

Eight-segment ramp / soak programming is a standard feature in the Fuji Electric PX temperature controller. Users can set four setpoints, four ramp rates, and four soak periods. In addition, advanced security and alarm options are available to the user. Other features standard to the Fuji Electric PX temperature controller are versatile programming, fuzzy logic intelligence, and NEMA 4X protection.