The Blancett Frequency-to-Current (F-to-I) and Frequency-to-Voltage (F-to-V) converters are microprocessor-based devices designed to provide an analog output directly from a Blancett turbine flow meter. The converters measure and calculate the flow rate of a turbine flow meter and produce an analog output representative of that flow rate in the form of a 4-20mA or 0-5VDC signal. If a converter is ordered with a flow meter, the two components ship from the factory calibrated as a system. If the converter is a replacement, the turbine meter's K-factor has changed, or the converter is being used with some other flow meter, then re-programming is possible with an optional Windows®-based software utility. The F-to-I and F-to-V converters are designed for use with Blancett flow meters, but in many cases they may be configured for use with other turbine meters as well.

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