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Blancett cables are offered in all of the appropriate connection and cable types for Blancett turbine meters. Certain pickups require particular cables. Be certain you select the appropriate cable for the pickup style you have selected.

Cable/ Pick-Up Compatibility Chart

Pick-Up Type Pick-Up Model Compatible Cables
Standard magnetic B111109 B220-220, B220-221, B220-218
Intrinsically safe B220243 B220-220, B220-221, B220-218
Magnetic with pre-amplifier B220210 B220-219, B220-217
High temperature magnetic B220111 B220-090
Intelligent Frequency Converter B220-950, B220-951 B220952-15, B220952-6
Magnetic with NEMA 6 B161109, B161210 B160206, B160212, B160220, B160240, B160250
Open Collector-Open Emitter B161211 B160512, B160520

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