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Rice Lake RL9000TWM Load Cells
One-piece module ideal for hostile-environment vessel weighing with low profile and weatherproof stainless steel construction
Rice Lake 880 Performance Series Weight Indicator
Controller with digital LED display, RS-232 or RS-485 serial port, AC or DC models, and 20 setpoints
Rice Lake MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Crane Scale
Digital Tension Dynamometer measures up to 550,000 pounds
Rice Lake MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale
Digital scale with top lifting eye, bottom swivel hook, and 1.5 in LED display for long-range viewing
NoShok 1000 Series Hydraulic Load Cells
6 cm² Nominal Diameter Hydraulic Load Cell, compact flat body design for compression force measurement
Rice Lake 10lb Test Weight Sets
10lb stainless steel Class F weight sets for testing scales and balances
Rice Lake 320IS Digital Weight Indicator
Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator, SS NEMA Type 4X/IP66 enclosure, LED display
NoShok 2000 Series Hydraulic Load Cells
20 cm2 Nominal Diameter Hydraulic Load Cell, stainless steel, measuring axial loads and bearing forces
Rice Lake RoughDeck Series Floor Scale System
4x4ft floor scale, factory calibrated for quick set up, 5,000 or 10,000 lb capacities
Rice Lake ITCM Weigh Modules
Features clevis and rod-end ball-joint assembly to provide excellent performance in suspended tank and hopper weighing applications
Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise Series HMI Weight Indicator
Comtroller with more than 150 built-in functions for programming, customizable graphical display, & multi-range/interval weighing functions
Rice Lake iDimensions Series Scales
Captures and calculates the dimensions, no moving parts to service or maintain, converts irregular shapes
Rice Lake Summit 3000 Floor Scale
Industrial scale and indicator with a durable low-profile deck that fits well into many material handling environments
Rice Lake TC Series Tuning Fork Balance
Mono-metal tuning fork sensor (MMTF), 12 units of measurement, semi-automatic calibration, external weight
Rice Lake TE Series Tuning Fork Analytical Balance
External weight calibration, mono-metal tuning fork technology (MMTF), 30 step bar graph display
Rice Lake TA Series Tuning Fork Balance
Anti-electric 360° transparent windshield, single-touch response setting for environment, 40 step bar graph display