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  • Integrated 2-wire signal amplifier, 4 to 20mA
  • Stainless steel (IP67)
  • < 0.15% of full scale non-linearity error
  • < 0.60% of full scale hysteresis error
  • ±0.1% repeatability
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 12 to 28VDC with protected polarity reversal
  • Designed for harsh environments
    • Offshore
    • Marine & harbor
    • Hoisting & cranes security
    • Hoisting gear, elevators, & winches

The ScanSense Shackle Load Cell is a full bridge strain gauge with rated load output signal for ranges from 12 to 120 tons and Ex ia IIC T5 ATEX. The Shackle Load Cell features an integrated 2-wire signal amplifier and is made with stainless steel (IP67).

ScanSense M12 Connector
Choice of axial or radial M12 connector for use with shackle load cell
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ScanSense Shackle Cable
Choice of axial or radial cable gland, with or without hydraulic hose in lengths up to 65.6ft (20m)
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