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Horiba IG Series Gloss Checkers
High-precision IG-320 and high-efficiency IG-331 gloss checkers
$885.00 to $1,203.00
Dwyer EMMA Environmental Monitor
Combines humidity, temperature, air velocity, air flow, sound and light measurements into one easy to use instrument
Extech LT300 Light Meter
High resolution light meter measures light intensity up to 20,000 Foot-candles or Lux
Extech 401025 Foot Candle / Lux Meter
Candle/Lux meter with analog output and fast/slow response feature
Yokogawa 510 Series Lux Meters
High performance digital lux meters with good oblique incident light characteristics
Extech LT40 LED Light Meter
Measure LED and Standard Lighting in Lux or Foot-Candle (Fc) units, 4000 count display,
In Stock
Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter with Auto-Ranging
Auto-ranging light meter that measures indoor illumination levels to maximize lighting efficiency
Extech HD400 / HD450 Light Meter
Fast reading light meter with a 40-segment bar graph and data logging capabilities
Extech 407026 Heavy Duty Light Meter
Heavy duty light meter with PC interface
Amprobe LM-200LED Light Meter
Professional tester specifically designed to accurately measure light output from LED sources
Testo Pocket Pro 540 Light Meter
Sensor sensitivity resembles that of the human eye
Horiba IG-410 High Gloss Meter
Dual range, compact, light weight, detachable probe design
AEMC CA1110 Light Meter Data Logger
Use map mode to profile the illuminance of an area by storing multiple measurements & analyze data with included DataView software
Extech LT510 Light Meter
Measures light intensity up to 1860 Foot-Candles & 20,000 Lux with resolution to 0.1 Fc/1Lux
Extech EA30 Light Meter
Handheld light meter ranging from 40 to 400,000Lux in 5 ranges
Extech SDL400 Light Meter
Light meter and data logger with wide range to 10,000Fc or 100kLux, cosine and color-corrected measurements
Extech EA33 EasyView Light Meter
Store and recall up to 50 measurements ranging to 999,900Lux with built-in memory
Extech LT45 LED Light Meter
Measures white, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple LED lights, manually store/recall up to 99 readings
Extech UV510 UVA Light Meter
Measures UVA light radiation from natural & artificial light sources with a sensor wavelength range of 320 to 390nm & ±4% FS accuracy
Amprobe LM-100 Light Meter
Determines indoor illumination levels to maximize lighting efficiency
Extech SDL470 Light Meter
Compact light meter accurately measures both UVA and UVC and datalogs results
Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester
Lamp, ballast, non-contact voltage, pin continuity, and ballast-type tests to ensure your fluorescent lights work properly
AEMC CA811 Light Meter
Designed to measure a wide range of lighting types, removable sensor for remote reading
AEMC CA813 Light Meter
Designed to measure a wide range of lighting types, removable sensor for remote reading