• ±4% accuracy
  • RS232 interface for PC
  • 4 selectable lighting types
  • Super large 1.4" (1999 count) LCD display
  • % displays differential from reference point
  • "ZERO" Re-Calibration
  • Record/Recall MIN, MAX and AVG readings
  • Data hold
  • Auto shut off

What's in the Box

  • 9V battery
  • Light sensor
  • Auto off
  • Protective holster


The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter is a microprocessor-based light meter with a PC interface. Utilizing a precision photo diode, special functions, as well as cosine and color correction filters, the Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter assures maximum accuracy under all lighting conditions

The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter allows users to select from four lighting types, including: tungsten / daylight, fluorescent, sodium, or mercury to enhance accuracy up to ±4% of reading.

The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter also includes a built-in RS-232 PC serial interface which allows users to employ one of two optional interfaces. Windows-based data acquisition software and serial cable allows users to display and capture readings directly to a PC as well as adjust settings. The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter has a battery operated data logger module that stores over 8000 readings for later transfer to a PC.

The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter features a large 1.4" (1999 count) LCD display, "ZERO" re-calibration, data hold, auto shut off, and MIN, MAX and AVG readings. A percent display also shows the differential from a reference point.

Applications for the Extech 407026 Heavy Duty Light Meter:

  • Workplace, clean-room, and computer room light testing
  • Compliance with safety regulatory bodies (OSHA)
  • Ambient testing for light-sensitive archives such as in museums and art galleries
  • Video, photographic, and architectural uses


This product can be used in the following applications:

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