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Dakota Ultrasonics MX-3, MX-5 and MX-5DL Thickness Gauges
Ultrasonic thickness gauges with advanced features to meet the needs of any application
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Dakota Ultrasonics DFX-8 Flaw Detector / Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic thickness gauge and flaw detector in one compact unit
Dakota Ultrasonics MX-2 Thickness Gauge
Featuring 8 common preset material types and 2 user programmable types for users needing to measure more than one type of material
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Dakota Ultrasonics Mini-Max Bolt Tension Monitor
Ultrasonically measures the actual elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener
Dakota Ultrasonics PX Series Thickness Gauges
Precision thickness gauges with a measuring range from 0.0060 to 1.0000 inch
Dakota Ultrasonics MMX Series Thickness Gauges
Multimode ultrasonic thickness gauges reads through and eliminates the thickness of painted or coated materials
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Dakota Ultrasonics MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Measures thickness through paint & coatings, and detects pits & flaws
Dakota Ultrasonics MX-1 Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic thickness gauge for accurate measurements from 0.025 to 19.999 inches with preset sound velocities
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Dakota Ultrasonics DFX-7 Series Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic thickness gauge and flaw detector in one compact unit.
Dakota Ultrasonics CMX Series Thickness Gauges
Measures both material and coating thickness with dual channels
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Dakota Ultrasonics PR-82 Sonic Tester
High-speed ultrasonic thickness tester for engine builders/racing, without graphical display
Dakota Ultrasonics PVX Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic precision A-scan thickness gauge with data logging
Dakota Ultrasonics PR-8V Sonic Tester
Ultrasonic thickness tester with graphical display for Engine Builders/Racing
Dakota Ultrasonics MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor
Uses ultrasonic transit time technology to measure the elongation, load, stress and percent strain of a fastener under tension
Dakota Ultrasonics UMX-2 Thickness Gauge
Underwater material, 1000ft depth rating, single membrane & dual element probes
Dakota Ultrasonics PVX-B Thickness Gauge
Precision ultrasonic thickness gauge with a time based B-Scan cross section view and alpha numeric data logger
Dakota Ultrasonics VX Velocity Gauge
Displays sound velocity of the material either in point-to-point or scan mode
Dakota Ultrasonics Dual Element Transducers
Dual element transducers for Dakota Ultrasonics thickness gauges
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Dakota Ultrasonics DFX Series Transducers
Transducers for the Dakota Ultrasonics DFX series transducers
Dakota Ultrasonics Couplant
Acoustic couplant to apply to the sensor face to ensure a complete acoustic pathway between the sensor and material being measured
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Dakota Ultrasonics X-000-0001 5 Step Calibration Block
5 step calibration block from 0.100 to 0.500 inch, made of 4340 steel
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Dakota Ultrasonics X-000-0002 4 Step Calibration Block
4 step calibration block from 0.250 to 1.0 inch, made of 4340 steel
Dakota Ultrasonics Single Element Transducers
Single element transducers for Dakota Ultrasonics thickness gauges
Dakota Ultrasonics Transducer Cable
4ft single Lemo to Microdot cable for connecting transducers to meters
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Dakota Ultrasonics Single Element Contact Transducers
Magnetic and non-magnetic single element contact transducers for Mini-Max bolt tension monitors
Dakota Ultrasonics UMX Underwater Enclosure
Clear Plexiglas enclosure rated for depths up to 300ft that works with MX-1, MX-2, MX-3, & MMX-6 thickness gauges
Dakota Ultrasonics Single Element Transducers
Single element transducers for Dakota Ultrasonics PX Series thickness gauges
Dakota Ultrasonics Carrying Case
Wood carrying case for Dakota Ultrasonics calibration blocks
Dakota Ultrasonics PR-82 Series Nylon Case
Dakota Ultrasonics PR-8V Instrument Case