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  • Flaw detector features:
    • Sizing Toolkits: DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS
    • Trigonometric display of beam path, depth, surface distance, and curved surface correction
    • Transmissive color QVGA display (320x240 pixels)
    • P.R.F. - 8 Hz to 2 kHz, adjustable
    • Screen Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • Detection: Z-Cross, Flank & Peak
    • Automatic interface gate (DFX-8+ only)
  • Thickness Gauge features:
    • Pulse-Echo mode measures 0.025 in to 100 ft
    • Echo-Echo mode measures 0.050 to 4.0 inches
    • Coating only mode measures 0.0005 to 0.100 inches
    • Up to 50 readings per second
    • Built-in differential mode for QC inspections
  • Requires transducer accessory purchased separately
  • Two tone burst pulsers (DFX-8+ only)

What's in the Box

  • Lithium ion battery
  • Line power adapter
  • Universal power cable
  • Carrying case
  • 4 oz couplant
  • Operating manuals
  • DakView3 PC software & USB cable
  • Calibration


The Dakota Ultrasonics DFX-8 Flaw Detector / Thickness Gauge combines two tools into one. The thickness gauge features pulse-echo mode, pulse-echo temp comp mode and echo-echo mode. The flaw detector DAC allows up to 16 points that can be entered and used digitally draw a DAC curve.

Additional features of the DFX-8+ include a two tone burst pulser type with a pulser voltage of 100 to 400V. The DFX-8+ also has a frequency bands at .5MHz, 1MHz, 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz and 15MHz. This unit can also be connected to B-scan encoders (crawlers) and has analog outputs (amplitude or distance) 0 to 10V.

The flaw detector tool provides exceptional visibility in sunlight (Blanview) with a transmissive color QVGA display (320x240 pixel resolution. The flaw detector is full featured digital scopes designed to handle the simplest to the most difficult applications. Whether the application requires high penetration for materials that are difficult to measure, or high resolution for precision aerospace parts, the Dakota Ultrasonics DFX series flaw detectors are equipped with the necessary features to do the job.

The DFX-8 Thickness Gauge is provided with a pulse-echo mode (P-E), pulse-echo coating mode (PECT), pulse temp comp mode (PETP), echo-echo mode (E-E), echo-echo verify mode (E-EV) and coating only mode (CT). The DFX-8 features one and two point calibration options for material & coating or selection of basic material types. The high speed scan can handle up to 50 reading per second.


Required Transducers

At least one transducer is required for this product


Please consider these optional accessories.