Great Plains Industries (GPI) designs, manufactures and markets quality products for the worldwide fluid transfer and liquid flow meter markets. read more

For over a quarter of a century Great Plains has been providing quality instrumentation products to the liquid flow meter market. Great Plains offers a complete line of turbine flow meters in various materials, sizes, and fitting configurations with state of the art electronics.

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GPI TM Series Water Meter
Industrial economy turbine flow meter for use with water applications, 1/2 inch to 4 inch meters, flow ranges to 600 GPM
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GPI G2 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 1 to 10 up to 20 to 200 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-B)
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GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 0.3 to 300 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-A)
GPI Flomec Pulse / Mechanical Flow Meters
Flow rates as low as 0.5 lph (0.16 gph) and as high as 2500 lph (gph), high accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
GPI Flomec QS200 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Extended leak detection down to 0.1 fps (0.03 m/s), ± 2.0% accuracy, two wire connector
GPI 01A Series Fuel Meter
Aluminum turbine fuel totalizer
GPI Flomec QSE Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Dependable, highly accurate electromagnetic flow meter designed for flow and usage monitoring in commercial applications
GPI 01N Series Water Meter
Nylon turbine meter for water applications
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GPI Flomec 02 Series Flow Meters
Electric flow meter with scaled pulse output, flow rates up to 30 GPM (113 LPM), ±5% accuracy
GPI GF Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with flanged process connection
GPI FM300H/R Chemical Meter
Electronic digital disc meter with rugged PBT housing
GPI GSCPS Series Turbine Flow Meter
High Temperature precision turbine flow meters with sanitary clamp process connection with 3-A sanitary rating
GPI GSCP Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with Tri-Clover sanitary clamp process connection
GPI LM51DN Lube Meter
Aluminum construction positive displacement meter for metering engine oils or transmission fluids
GPI G Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with NPT, BSP or ISO process connection
GPI Conditioned Signal Output Module
Provides an unscaled, amplified, digital signal capable of transmission up to 5,000 feet
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GPI Remote Assembly Kit
Modifies GPI Meters for remote indication or high or low fluid temperature metering applications
GPI 113520-1 Battery Pack
Replacement Li-ion batteries, 3V (Pack of 2)
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GPI QSI I/O Communication Board
Enhance product functionality and provides fully-featured communication protocols and process output signals
GPI 4-20mA Module
Provide an industry standard analog signal for connection to a wide variety of chart recorders, display equipment and process control equipment
GPI Pulse Access Module
Provides an unscaled, digital signal from your meter by accessing circuitry from the onboard computer readout
GPI FM Approved Sensor
Designed for use with A1 & G2 Meters when pulse output is required and the meter is located within a hazardous location
GPI Flomec QS200 Spare PVC Tee
Spare PVC tee for the QS200
GPI Display Adapter Kit
Rotates meters 90 degrees, allowing for horizontal readout of vertical meters