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  • Fitting size: 1 inch
  • Inlet Fitting: NPT (female)
  • Outlet Fitting: NPT (male)
  • Flow range: 2-20 GPM (7-75 LPM)
  • Accuracy: ±2.0%
  • Pressure Rating: 50psig


Simple, small, and sturdy, the GPI FM300H/R chemical meter is an electronic digital disc meter that is constructed with rugged PBT housing. The GPI FM300H/R chemical meter is designed to mount in-line on the end of a hose or a pipe. The complete meter ships with the disc assembly, microprocessor, and LCD readout.

Factory calibrated for thin and medium fluids, models of the GPI FM300H/R chemical meter are available for measurement in gallons or liters. The GPI FM300H/R chemical meter can be field calibrated for more viscous fluids.

Wetted Materials

  • Housing: PBT Polyester
  • Fluid Chamber: PBT Polyester
  • Signal Generator Kit: PBT Polyester/ Ferrite
  • Seals: Flourocarbon
  • Clip: 316 Stainless Steel


This product can be used in the following applications: